Miscellaneous quests from the Skyrim plugin Falskaar.

Dreams in Oblivion

Brother ArnandCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe Location of Bailun PrioryCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThis quest can be started by speaking to Brother Arnand in Bailun Priory and asking him "What do you do around here?" He tells you a few things, one of which is the pursuit of knowledge, although he admits he has not being too well at that recently. When quizzed further, he says there was another brother who used to help him, Vernan, but the latter was interested in too many short cuts and dangerous things, including necromancy. After accidentally hurting two of the other priors, he was stripped of rank and expelled.

Apparently, Vernan has a lair somewhere in the grounds of the Priory, where he hid things and conducted research, but they have been unable to find it. When told "I can find Brother Vernan's stuff for you" the quest starts, if it hasn't already, and he suggests that you ask the other priors to see if they know anything.

"Brother Arnand has asked me to search the priory for a hidden room or cave of some sort. It was used by Brother Vernan before he was thrown out, and Brother Arnand believes it may contain dangerous artifacts or magical pieces."

Alternatively, the quest can start when any of the four Magic Crystal Fragments are found. There is one in Riverwatch Hot Springs which is taken during Dread Aura, one in Sunken Skull Barrow which is visited during No Harm, No Fowl, one in Warmth's Edge Caverns which are visited during Runaway Cattle and one in Sandyshell Hollow, which is visited during The Deadliest Catch. It's suggested that you try and find out more about the crystal. If you haven't spoken to Brother Arnand already, go to Bailun Priory and speak to him.

"I found a mysterious crystal fragment, I wonder what it is and what it does..."

If you ask the other Priors about Vernan's lair, between them they tell you it will probably be not far from the pond, that he liked to go on walks at night, that it wouldn't be within the Priory itself and it would be where none of the others could hear him.

The Trapdoor to Vernan's HideoutCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe Trapdoor Near Bailun PrioryCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdExit the Priory, and the entrance to Vernan's Hideout is roughly to the west, accessed by a trapdoor in the ground. The entrance is also marked on the local map, which makes it easier to find. Enter the Hideout. The only item of interest is a table on which there is Vernan's Journal. Read it, and a mysterious crystal falls out, which you replace. This will also start the quest if it hasn't already started. Now take the book back to Brother Arnand. He takes it from you, and asks you to come back in a day, after he has had time to do further research. Arnand also gives you 50 Gold for your time so far.Vernan's JournalCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

After a day, return to Arnand. Ask him if he has completed his research, He says that he has, and that he believes the fragment is part of a Daedric artefact known as the Dream Crystal, which will allow the user to create their own plane in Oblivion where they can make anything happen. The crystal was broken into five pieces. One was in the journal; the other four will be in necromancer lairs around Falskaar. Brother Arnand tells you to keep an eye out for the other pieces. Once you have all four pieces, return to see him.

"Arnand has explained what the crystals are to me, and told me that I need to find all of them. There are five total, and he has one, meaning I need to find the other four. Once I have them I should return them to him. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide information on where they might be. I should focus on helping others or exploring this land until I come across them."

The Location of Volkrund KeepCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdTell Arnand that you have found all the crystals, and he says that, as he feared, the incantations have been removed from them, making them very dangerous. The fragments must be reunited to control their magic and prevent anything bad from happening. He says that he will meet you at Volkrund Keep to the north, which he marks on your map.

Volkrund KeepCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd"Brother Arnand has explained the problems the crystals pose to us. Vernan mentioned a place called Volkrund Keep, to the north. Brother Arnand believes that this is where Vernan found the crystals. He wishes to return there to recombine them into one fragment, thus containing their power, or destroy them so that nobody can use their dangerous power."

The Protected Lever in Volkrund KeepCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdGo to the keep and speak to Arnand. He says that the fragments must be reunited or, better, destroyed. When you are ready to enter, tell him, and then follow him into the keep. Arnand approaches a Lever protected by a spell, which he removes, and then uses the Lever to open the nearby door, before having doubts. He shakes them off and continues.

The Trap in Volkrund KeepCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdYou approach another gate, and Brother Arnand says that something is wrong. A cutscene will happen as you approach, and darts will fire from the nearby walls. Then, Vernan approaches from the other side of the gate and opens it. He has a chat with Arnand, in which he sounds a bit unbalanced, and then takes the crystals and goes, saying that the poison will wear off shortly.Vernan Taking the CrystalsCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

The screen goes dark, then you come around to Arnand trying to wake you. It's advisable to save the game at this point, as Arnand can become a bit glitchy and not progress through the passages, and you need him otherwise you can't go past some spider webs. He can be jogged by speaking to him sometimes.

Vernan's MemoryCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdWeirdness in Volkrund KeepCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdArnand says that Vernan is attempting to take control of the crystals, and from here on you can't trust your eyes, and that everything other than him isn't real. You will see a number of scenes apparently from Vernan's memory in the various rooms, and Arnand says that Vernan is not at all in control of the crystals.

"We walked into Vernan's trap. He took the crystals from Arnand and then we both passed out. It appears Vernan has started testing with the crystals. We need to find him, and stop him before he does something serious."

The Draugr in Volkrund KeepCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdVernan in the Final RoomCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdContinue through to the last chamber, and Vernan is standing on a balcony overlooking it. Vernan and Arnand have a chat, in which the former sounds rather deranged. At the end of it, Vernan says he will stop you, and six Draugr burst out of the coffins in the room. This is the most dangerous room here. You cannot reach the balcony at the top of the stairs, as a barrier prevents you, but you can retreat if needed. Fortunately, Brother Arnand cannot be killed.

Vernan DissolvingCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdOnce all the Draugr are dead, Arnand says that Vernan is up to something. Whatever he is up to doesn't work, as he dissolves into sparkles. Arnand says that the threat is over, as the crystals have also returned to Oblivion, and that's why magic can be dangerous. You can now sleep at the priory if you wish, and Brother Arnand also gives you 250 Gold. Although he says he will see you at the priory, the quest is now complete, so you may wish to loot a bit first. The barrier at the top of the stairs is gone, and a passage leads out back to the entrance hall, although the door at the end needs a bar removing first.

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