After completing the quest Strength and Wisdom in the Falskaar plugin for Skyrim, it is no necessary to find details on the Heart Chamber.

Lost Knowledge

"I must search the long lost ruins of Vizemundsted for a book called "The Heart Chamber". Brother Thorlogh says that this book contains the location of the chamber, along with other important information on the Heart of the Gods. He believes it should still be in the library in Vizemundsted, where it was held before the location was overrun long ago by Dwemer machines."

Once you have agreed to find The Heart Chamber in Vizemundsted, Brother Thorlogh will be able to give you more information, so go and speak to him. You can ask him about a number of things related to the ruin, and why he won't come with you - apparently, dungeons really aren't his thing - until you ask "So, how do I get inside?" which will end the conversation once he has answered it. Thorlogh tells you that the original entrance is sealed, but there is apparently an entrance through Watervine Chasm, a complex of caverns and rivers, whose location he marks on your map. The various complexes you need to travel through are very extensive, so make sure you have enough supplies, although there is also a lot of loot - more than can easily be carried.

The Location of Watervine ChasmCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd"Thorlogh told me how to get to the library. I am to enter Watervine Chasm, to the Southeast of Amber Creek. Once inside I must make my way through a large system of caves, grottos, and the chasm itself. I should eventually find my way into ruins, and then into the library. Then I can retrieve the book, and bring it back to Thorlogh."

Bandit's JournalCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdMake your way to Watervine Chasm and enter it. Not far from the entrance there is a bandit "guarding" the chasm - he may well be seated if he doesn't hear you. On the table near him is the Bandit Journal. Reading it will inform you that a group of bandits is planning to loot the chasm, and that this one was supposed to be preventing any adventurers from entering. Make your way through, watching out for more bandits, and you will eventually come to signs of Nordic ruins, including dead Draugr.

Chief's JournalCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe Handle in Watervine ChasmCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdAt the north end of a huge cavern filled with bandits is a broken word wall. In the hut near it, on a table, is the Chief's Journal. In it, the chief states that the way through to the next area is blocked by webs and spiders, and that he's sent men out for more supplies. Near the water in this large cavern is a pedestal on which is a Handle which opens a trapdoor in the nearby pool, allowing access to a pit containing a Skeleton and two Chests.

Damaged JournalCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdPast the bandits cavern the next area is blocked by webs, which need destroying, and occupied by Frostbite Spiders, normal and Giant. The exit from the spiders' lair is also blocked by webs. Continue on through, following the path, and you will come to a large cavern with water in it, across which is a wooden walkway heading north. Near some barrels, sacks and a brazier on the walkway is a Damaged Journal on a crate, which warns of Draugr ahead. At the end of the walkway is a raised area and a door leading to The Halls of the Dead.

ChainCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdHandleCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe first room has some ambush Draugr, and an exit portcullis which needs to be opened using a Handle in the open tomb of a dead Draugr on the north wall. Continue on through and you will reach a very large, and often confusing on the local map, burial area filled with Urns, Burial Urns, dead Draugr, traps of differing types and sleeping Draugr. With a high enough level in Sneak, it is possible to get past the sleeping Draugr without awakening them. At the eastern side of the largest area is a Portcullis which is opened using a nearby Chain.

Overlord Gardjeheim's ChamberCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdContinue on through - there are two ways of getting to the next major room through the burial passages, one of which brings you out on a higher level. The first area of this large room contains many active Draugr. Once they have been passed, there is another area of the room, with many Draugr coffins, four cages, a raised area with a pedestal in the centre, what looks like many flame spout traps but, suspiciously, no active Draugr. There is a copy of the book, War in Falskaar, from the mod nearby.

The Rite of Lord GardjeheimCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe central area can be reached without the flame spout traps activating. On the pedestal is a note, the Rite of Lord Gardjeheim, which says the royal guard will rise to protect him. Shortly after the central area is reached, they do rise, as does Overlord Gardjeheim himself. The flame spout traps will also now start to work.

This is where high Sneak and Archery can be useful. The Draugr can be sniped from the rubble pile in the south east corner of the large room. If your Sneak is high enough, the Draugr are perfectly happy to run aimlessly about, through the flame spout traps, making polishing them off easy. Otherwise, they can easily overwhelm you. The rubble pile may still be useful for attacking from with ranged weapons and spells, even if you aren't able to hide, but many of the Draugr also have ranged attacks.

Lever in the Halls of the DeadCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdAlternatively, you can try to flee before all the Draugr awaken, as they don't all come to unlife at once. On the back of the pedestal is a Lever. Activating it will open the doors to all of the cages in the room, except for the completely ruined one in the northeast. The northwest cage just has two locked Chests in it. The southeast and southwest each have spiral staircases leading down; the southwest one goes further down, but the southeast one has a passage that joins to it.

The Word Wall in the Ruins of VizemundstedCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdKeep going down; there is only one clear route, due to damage to the stairways. Eventually, you will come to a door leading to a frozen cave to the north. Continue through here, and there are some Dwemer signs, until you come to a door leading to the Ruins of Vizemundsted with a dead Dwemer Spider in front of it. Enter the Ruins, which seem to be a cross between a Dwemer and a Nordic ruin in places. The first area is deserted, and this is the one that looks like a Nordic ruin, with a Word Wall that teaches Glory, the first word of Champions Spirit.

To My FriendCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdMake your way up the stairs northeast past the Nordic area and you will come to the Dwemer ruin, with many dead Dwemer automatons, some that aren't dead, and traps. In the northwest corner is a room with two dead Dwarven Spiders, one dead Dwarven Sphere Guardian, and Captain Platearms, a Dwarven Centurion. There is a skeleton, next to which is a note To My Friend. It appears that the author had refurbished a centurion, which he named and which then guarded him for as long as it could.

The Heart ChamberCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdDwarven CenturionCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdProceed through the Dwemer ruins, watching out for the dangerous spinning blade traps, heading towards the southeast until you come into a large, ruined area, with many dead automatons and skeletons, as well as books and bookcases. In the northeast wall of this room is a large golden gate, which leads into another area occupied by Dwarven Spider Workers. There is also a Dwarven Centurion Guardian charging in the centre of the room, which will activate when approached. Next to the centurion is a table with a lamp and some books on it, including The Heart Chamber.

The Exit LeverCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdTake the book and go down a short passage in the southeast wall with a lever at the end which will activate an elevator to the surface, near to Mzubthand Courtyard. Once reached, you will be in a small, sealed area with another lever on the wall. Activating this will open the doors. Vizemundsted can now be reached much more easily, and properly plundered for all its Dwemer treasures, as it is unlikely that you were able to carry them all out.

"I have located the book Brother Thorlogh needed. I should bring it back to him immediately."

Amber CreekCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdNow return to Amber Creek. When you arrive, you will discover a number of dead bandits, and some dead guards, around the settlement. Jarl Agnar is interrogating a live bandit. The bandit says that "they" have been taken to Fort Urokk. Once he reveals this, Agnar instructs Svegard to kill the bandit.

Agnar will then turn to you, asking if you have the book. When you ask what happened, the Jarl says that Yngvarr's men attacked and kidnapped Jalma and Wilhard, who are the "they" the bandit was talking about. Then say that you have the book, and the Jarl takes The Heart Chamber from you. He asks Brother Thorlogh to take a look at it (although Agnar is actually the one looking through it), and Thorlogh says that the book has the location of the Heart Chamber.

Agnar then says that they will be going to Fort Urokk to rescue Jalma and Wilhard. He then asks you if you will come. You can say "Of course" or "Fine, but I'm still waiting for my reward." The Jarl isn't best pleased by the latter response, and it doesn't hasten any reward. The group agree to meet at the cliffs near Fort Urokk, which is marked on your map, and this quest completes.

"When I arrived back at Amber Creek there were bodies scattered about. The town had been attacked by a small party of bandits. More importantly, Agnar's wife and child were taken. They are being held in Fort Urokk, and we are going in to get them out."

Now you must head to Fort Urokk to recover the captives.

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