Following the siege of Staalgarde in the quest Returning the Favor from the Falskaar plugin for Skyrim, the main quest series finally comes to a close.

The Heart of the Gods

"Yngvarr has escaped and is headed to the heart chamber, located inside of Mountain Mist Temple, through the passage to the west. We need to follow him and get there before he obtains the heart."

After Yngvarr's guards are defeated, Agnar makes a speech about how Yngvarr must be stopped, then exits into the courtyard. The others say that Yngvarr left, that they tried to stop him, but failed because he was on his horse. they will then run towards the gate to Emerald Valley near where Agnar gave his speech before launching the attack. Do not follow them; this is the wrong way. The gate will not open, and even if you manage to get over it, which can be done, the entrance to Mountain Mist Temple is blocked by bars.

Pallisade in StaalgardeCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe Path to Mountain Mist TempleCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdInstead, do what Agnar said and follow the path to the west. You can take one of the horses from the courtyard if desired. This leads up the hill just outside the wall to Staalgarde. Follow it up and you will come to a wooden palisade guarded by three Staalgarde Soldiers. Continue past the palisade along the trail. There are another two soldiers guarding an archway over the path. Keep going until you arrive at the entrance to Mountain Mist Temple. Once the temple is entered, you won't be able to return to Staalgarde at all, so if you want to head back and do a bit of looting, this is your last chance.

Mountain Mist TempleCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdLocation of Mountain Mist TempleCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdEnter the temple and the others should join you. Follow them through the temple to a large cavern where Yngvarr stands with six soldiers. Behind him is an energy field of some kind and three wizards. Yngvarr has another gloating session and says that he would already have the Heart by now, except it is guarded by a shield, which his wizards will soon remove. He claims that Falskaar rightfully belongs to his family, and that the Borvaldur stole it from them. Once the shield collapses, Yngvarr turns and walks towards it.Yngvarr in the Heart ChamberCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

Jarl Agnar challenges Yngvarr to a duel. Yngvarr accepts, but says that he will not fight an old man, but will instead fight you, the Traveller. You will now be in a circle that cannot be left where you have to fight Yngvarr. If your Sneak is high enough, and you had it on when entering the cavern, Yngvarr may not detect you, which will make the fight easier. Just before Yngvarr is about to die, he casts a spell, knocking you and your allies down and instead goes to take the Heart.Yngvarr Heading for the HeartCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

AhkrinviingCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdWhen he takes it, a dragon, Ahkrinviing, appears and seizes Yngvarr, carrying him off. There is now a narrated cutscene about what happened to Yngvarr and how Agnar replaced the Heart, before you appear back in the Amber Mead Inn in Amber Creek.

"Just as Yngvarr grabbed the Heart of the Gods, Ahkrinviing, the dragon who gave Olav the heart long ago, appeared before us. The Great Dragon swooped down and pick up Yngvarr, carrying him off as he screamed in sheer terror. We handled Yngvarr's men, who mostly ran off in fear. The Heart was placed back upon the pedestal, and the chamber resealed. Yngvarr is dead. The Heart is safe. Falskaar is safe once again."

The AfterpartyCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdAgnar thanks you and gives you 2,500 Gold, and suggests you have a drink and listen to a song. This completes the main quest. Mountain Mist Temple is now marked on the map, and the bars blocking it from the west have been removed, however, the way back to Staalgarde is blocked and the door that led to the cavern of the Heart cannot be opened.

Speaking to the Jarl again and asking him "What's next for King Agnar, leader of Falskaar?" will result in him giving you some random weapons.

Miscellaneous Quests

These are generally separate from the main series.

A Craftsman's Finest

RangarrCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdRangarr, uncle of Mecaius, the blacksmith in Amber Creek can be spoken to to start this quest. Some other NPCs will tell you in conversation about the theft, leading you to him.

"Rangarr has asked me to retrieve his father's hammer, which was recently stolen by an old family rival, Garant. Rangarr knew nothing more than that Garant would possibly be hiding out at the Aspenfall Lodge, to the Southeast in the Amber Hold."

It can also be started by stumbling across the hammer or the bandits.

Find Rangarr and say to him "So, you're the best blacksmith in Falskaar, eh?" He will say that he learned from his father and, although he has no son, he is teaching Mecaius what he knows. He hopes he will be able to craft a masterpiece one day, like his father did, but his father's masterpiece was taken.

Apparently, Rangarr's father made a warhammer for the old Jarl, Agnar's father. When he died, the warhammer was returned, and buried with Rangarr's father. Then the grave was discovered dug up and the warhammer stolen. Rangarr believes that Garant, who is currently in Aspenfall Lodge, stole it.

Location of Aspenfall LodgeCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdTrapdoor in Aspenfall LodgeCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdHead to Aspenfall Lodge. There are two melee and three missile bandits outside, who will warn you to leave and quickly turn hostile and attack when you get too close. There is also a ruined outbuilding to the north, in the floor of which is a trapdoor. The lodge can be entered this way, too. A bit along the tunnel there is a room in which two bandits are talking. If you sneak up to them, you will be able to eavesdrop on them, which will start this quest, if it isn't already. They are discussing Garant and Hjanil. Apparently, Garant has gone to Shattered Axe Redoubt.

Bandit in Aspenfall LodgeCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd"I overheard bandits in the Aspenfall Lodge say that Garant had been there, but left to hide out in the Shattered Axe Redoubt, just to the West. I should head there and see if I can find him."

If you don't overhear the conversation, there's a note on the table, We're moving, which will also give you the same information.

Location of Shattered Axe RedoubtCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdHead west to Shattered Axe. Near to it is a ruined, Imperial-looking tower with a Chest locked at the Expert level in it. Enter the location, which is guarded by bandits. Part way through you will come to a cave with a raised bridge. If you are able to remain undetected, you can overhear one bandit go and wake the other at the lever which operates the bridge. The latter will complain about guarding the blacksmith's hammer. The first bandit tells the second to lower the bridge, which he does, although the first does not immediately cross. The second bandit keeps raising and lowering the bridge, until the first crosses, at which point the bridge remains down.

The Bandits in Shattered Axe RedoubtCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdMake your way through, either evading or killing the bandits. In the final room, Garant is sat at a table with two other bandits, and there is a third in the room. Once Garant is dead, search his body and take Vanvir's Masterpiece from it.

"I've killed Garant, and have the hammer. Now I just need to bring it back to Rangarr."

Instead of going back the way you came, you can continue on through to another exit, which is blocked by a gate that is opened by a nearby lever, which opens in the mountains to the west of the original entrance.

Head back to Amber Creek and speak to Rangarr. Tell him "I found your father's hammer" and he thanks you and takes it. He also gives you 100 Gold, 3 Gold Ingots, 2 Silver Ingots, an Orichalcum Ingot, a Dwarven Metal Ingot, an Iron Ingot, a Steel Ingot and a Corundum Ingot.

As an alternative reward, Rangarr may give you the hammer instead, if you look capable of wielding it, which depends on your Two-Handed skill, which needs to be 60 or over. Vanvir's Masterpiece is an unenchanted but valuable hammer.

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