Miscellaneous quests from the Skyrim plugin Falskaar.

The Lady in the Lighthouse

The Location of Falskaar DocksCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdVarious people will tell you that the lighthouse is rumoured to be haunted. If you speak to Wulf at Falskaar Docks and ask him if he's alright, he will tell you that he's troubled by something he recently found. It doesn't really matter which choices you select in the conversation, as he will still tell you roughly the same thing. The quest can also be started by entering the lighthouse.

The Location of Falskaar LighthouseCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdWulfCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe lighthouse used to be run by two friends of his parents. Many years ago, they unexpectedly departed on a trip to Skyrim, but there was a storm when they were supposed to come back. After they hadn't been seen for several days, a guardsman went to have a look, but he never returned. Wulf says that he recently found a stash of old coins and a letter from his parents in a cave near the beach, and he wants you to go to the lighthouse and see if you can find out what happened. He doesn't have the time to go himself.

"Wulf has informed me that his parent's friends, Janna and Alvar, disappeared long ago. It is now rumoured that they haunt the lighthouse. I should investigate and see what I can find out."

Alvar's JournalCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdJanna's Spirit in Falskaar LighthouseCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdGo to Falskaar Lighthouse which is to the east along the coast, although there is a path coming from inland. Just inside the lighthouse is a door to the left; go through it. Go down the stairs and, in the first room, Janna's Spirit will appear and walk through to the second room where there is an end table. In the first room, under another end table, is Alvar's Journal. In it, Alvar says that they were being harassed by bandits and had decided to go to Skyrim for help.

Janna's DiaryCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe Trapdoor in Falskaar LighthouseCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdIn the next room is a bed with a skeleton on it, beside which is an end table. On this is Janna's Diary. Janna says that she had decided to go and hide from the bandits in the lighthouse's dungeon with the gold they took from their ship when it sank. She left Alvar behind because he was seriously ill.

gate Beneath Falskaar LighthouseCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdLever in Falskaar LighthouseCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdIn the next room is a trapdoor in the floor. Opposite it is a lever on the wall, which will open the trapdoor. Drop down into the dungeon and make your way through. Janna's Spirit will appear again, walking into a room with a locked gate and a skeleton. The gate requires a key to open and, as it is approached, you will be told to search the room for the key. On the bottom shelf of some shelves is a Tattered Journal. When this is read, the Lighthouse Dungeon Key falls out. In the journal Janna says that she has locked herself in with the gold.Tattered JournalCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

"I have found a key that should let me open this locked gate and continue deeper into the lighthouse's dungeons."

Janna's Spirit in the Treasure ChamberCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdJenna's SkeletonCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdOpen the gate and keep going. Janna's Spirit will appear again in a room with three chests at the far end, with a skeleton beside them and Gold and Coin Purses lying around. You now need to search the treasure for a sign of Janna. The centre chest, the Old Treasure Chest, contains, among other things, a Note to Wulf's Parents. Read it, and it appears that Janna wanted whoever found the treasure to give some of it to Wulf's parents. Now return to Wulf. You will not be able to go out the same way you came in, but there is a staircase nearby which leads up to a chain which, when activated, opens a secret door in the same room as the trapdoor.

ChainCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdJanna's NoteCredit: Alexander J Velicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd"I've discovered Alvar and Janna's grim fate, as well as the treasure they stole from the sinking ship. I should inform Wulf of my discoveries, he would certainly like to know."

Go to Wulf and tell him that you have investigated the lighthouse, and then explain to him what happened. You can then either tell him that Janna wanted him to have some money, and give him 1,000 Gold, or you can ask for a reward. In the first case, Wulf lowers the fee for travelling to Skyrim to 100 Gold permanently from 500 Gold. In the latter, he will give you 500 Gold. Keeping the money and asking for a reward will initially make you 1,500 Gold better off, but the discount can be worth more in the long run.

"I discovered the fate of Janna and Alvar, the lighthouse keepers, and informed Wulf about it. Perhaps now the rumours of it being haunted by a vengeful spirit can rest, along with their spirits."

Bounty Quests

Jalma, from Borvaldur Manor in Amber Creek, and Njola, in the Amber Mead Inn, will give these quests out, but only Jalma will pay the reward. The reward varies, but is always Gold and is several hundred or so.

These are radiant quests, so the locations that need visiting will vary. Each follows a similar pattern; go to a certain location and kill something. A specific target needs killing at the location; if there are multiple monsters or people, they do not all need to die, only the target does.

The current bounty quest needs completing before a new one can be started. It may well take some time to get all of these locations, as those visited as part of other quests may well need to reset before they become eligible for a bounty quest.

Bandit Boss Locations

Most of the bandit boss bounty quest locations are also visited during other quests, so it makes sense to get the bounty quest first, then the regular quest also, if it can be done.

Aspenfall Lodge

Bearclaw Cave

Brittlerun Cave - off Mzubthand Courtyard

Hjalmar Armory

Mammoth Keep

Pinecastle Grove

Pinevale - The target is in Pinevale Mine, not the ruins of the village

Roltheim Tower

Shattered Axe Redoubt

Stoneridge Watch

Falmer Locations

Reinaldur Farmstead - This bounty quest is only obtainable after The Forgotten Depths is completed

Giant Locations

Broken Rock Lagoon

Chillstone Basin

Mammoth Rock

Spriggan Locations

Stargazer Grove

Starwatcher Grove

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