After completing the quest An Ancient Gate in the Falskaar plugin for Skyrim and arriving in Falskaar, you agree to help Olvir.

Welcome to Falskaar

"I agreed to help the guard search Brittlerun Cave for the missing member of the nearby town of Amber Creek."

Follow Olvir out of this mostly empty Dwemer ruin, which is also called Mzubthand, into Mzubthand Courtyard in Falskaar. Let Olvir leave the ruin first, otherwise he may stay inside until you re-enter.

MecaiusCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThere is a shut gate in the courtyard, with a lever next to it, but you cannot open it. Follow Olvir into Brittlerun Cave, a bandit lair, and go through to the final room where Mecaius is in a cage. Mecaius asks to be released, using the chain on the wall, and Olvir lets him out. Mecaius says that the bandits were looking for a key and were working for Yngvarr.

Olvir says he has to continue with his patrol, and asks you to go to Amber Creek and report to Jarl Agnar, and that there may be a reward for you. He also says that he will open the gate for you. Follow Olvir out of the cave, and he opens the gate. Mecaius heads home to Amber Creek, so follow him there. Mecaius will, at some point when you are passing him some time after the quest is complete, thank you for saving him and give you some random items that he says he made for you.

"I found the missing apprentice, Mecaius. However, he had found out some things that seemed rather serious. I must now go to the nearby town of Amber Creek to tell the Jarl there what I know."

Jarl AgnarCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdIn Amber Creek, enter Borvaldur Manor and speak to Jarl Agnar. If he isn't in the manor, look around the settlement. Before speaking about Mecaius, raise the other topics of conversation first, as you will be unable to do so until progress is made in the next quest once the topic of Mecaius is discussed. The Jarl will give you some information and, if asked "How can I get to Skyrim from here?", will start the quest Passage Home.

Once the other topics have been discussed, the Agnar that Mecaius stated that the bandits were working for Yngvarr. The Jarl is concerned by this, as there has been war in the past with the Unnvaldrs, but first rewards you with 100 Gold, and then asks you to go to Bailun Priory and speak to Brother Thorlogh, completing this quest.

An Army of Greed

The Location of Bailun PrioryCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdJarl Agnar will mark Bailun Priory, which is to the south-west of Amber Creek, on your map. Outside the priory are a couple of horses which can be taken without stealing them, but once dismounted, they will head back to the priory. Head to the priory and ask Brother Thorlogh if he knows anything about the increased bandit activity. When you say that they are Yngvarr's men, Thorlogh states that the priory won't get involved unless necessary, as they do not want war. Return to Amber Creek and speak to the Jarl again.Brother ThorloghCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC Ltd

"Brother Thorlogh said he didn't know anything, and that the monks of the priory wouldn't get involved unless absolutely necessary."

Agnar says that kidnapping one of his people already seems like an act of war. First, though, he says that the docks have been taken over by bandits, and he wants you to head there, kill them all, and then speak to Henrik. Head east from Amber Creek towards the Docks, which route is signposted, on the roads. Along the way you will come across a caravan and a Wounded Guard who will start The Crusher's End if approached. As you reach the Docks, the quest Rough Waters will start.

The Location of Hjalmar ArmoryCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdHenrikCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdOnce the bandits are dead, and Henrik is untied, speak to him. He will head to the Water's Edge Trader, if you don't speak to him before he leaves. When asked "Do you know anything about the bandits that were here?" Henrik says he does, and that they were from the Hjalmar Armory to the northwest. Although he says that he will mark the armory on your map, he doesn't, but it's easy enough to find, as the junction to it will have been passed on the main road to Falskaar Docks, and it is signposted, so head back to the junction and then on to the Armory.

Hjalmar ArmoryCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe Orders in Hjalmar ArmoryCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThere are seven Bandits in the outside area, who can overwhelm you, so caution and sneakiness is advised. Once they have been disposed of, enter Hjalmar Armory: Common Area - there are six inside - and then go through to Hjalmar Armory - Store Rooms where there are another six bandits. In the last room, against the far wall, is a plinth on which there is potions, armour and Orders. Read and take the Orders and your log will update.

"I found orders from a man named Kolgrim telling the bandits to capture the dock. I had better get this to Agnar as soon as I can."

Exit Hjalmar Armory, by unbarring the door in the final room where the Orders were, which will take you out through a passage to an exit behind the armory (it cannot be entered this way until the door is unbarred), and then head back to Amber Creek and Agnar.

Speak to the Jarl and tell him "Yngvarr has mobilized an army to search for something." It doesn't matter which topic you pick next, as they both have the same outcome, but run through all the subtopics available to get the background information on the 600 year long conflict that has been running. Agnar wants you to go and get his housecarls, Ulgar and Svegard. He tells you to follow the river east until you come to a stream, then follow the stream north until you come to their house. The Jarl also takes the Orders from you.

The Location of Hjorgunnar CabinCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdSvegard HjorgunnarCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdHead north out of the town and cross the river. Follow it east until you come to the stream, and then head north until you reach Hjorgunnar Cabin. You can tell either Ulgar and Svegard that the Jarl requires their service as housecarls again, but Svegard has more options and will tell you about how he and Ulgar came to be living in the wilderness.

Yngvarr and Jarl AgnarCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdOnce they have been spoken to, return to Amber Creek and find the Jarl. As you arrive, he will be having a conversation with Yngvarr on the street in front of his house. Agnar is refusing to let Yngvarr search the town. As Yngvarr departs, Ulgar and Svegard arrive and the Jarl thanks them for coming and tells them that Yngvarr is threatening Amber Creek with his army. Then, Brother Thorlogh arrives, and says that Yngvarr's men searched Bailun Priory and killed one of the brothers, so they have thrown in their lot with Agnar.

The Meeting in Amber CreekCredit: AlexanderJVelicky/Bethesda/eGDC LtdThe rest decide to protect Amber Creek, but the Jarl wants Borvaldur warning. This completes this quest.

"We concluded that warning Jarl Valfred of Borvald was the best option right now."

The next quest in the series is Warning Valfred.

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