Walkthroughs for the quests from Helgen Reborn, a user created plugin for Skyrim.

A City on a Hill

"Marcus has informed me that while in Falkreath he paid a deposit for lumber and building supplies to a man named Reinhardt who is the owner of the mill there. However, there have been no shipments delivered to Helgen so far. Without the building materials, the workers cannot begin rebuilding the town, so I need to find Reinhardt and see why the supplies have been delayed."

After completing Desperate Times, you can optionally go and find Patsy, who gives you the book Your new dynamic display room! which explains the display room in your Private Tower and has lists of ingredients that Patsy requires in order to make the various trophies that are possible.

Location of Reinhardt's HouseCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThen go and visit the Private Tower. As you enter, you get the following message "As you entered the door you noticed a note on the floor and picked it up." The note tells you about some armour that is being stored upstairs. You can explore the various areas of the Private Tower if you want to.

Reinhardt from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdTo continue with the quest, go to Falkreath and enter Reinhardt's House and speak to him. Reinhardt tells you that his worker is off sick, and he can't find anyone else to run the sawmill, but he will have lumber ready if you cut it yourself.

Rolund from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Sawmill in FalkreathCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo to the sawmill, and you can start cutting the logs, when Rolund approaches.

He says he is willing to work, but that he hasn't been paid. You can pay 1,000 Gold for him to cut the lumber, or do it yourself. Choose whichever you prefer.

Speak to him again, and he explains that Reinhardt has lost all his money gambling at the Fight Cave.

"While sawing the logs I met Bolund's cousin Rolund. He said Bolund did not injure his back but that Reinhardt has not paid them for their work in weeks and they both refuse to work for free. Bolund said Reinhardt has gambled all his money away at some fight cave. I need to get to the bottom of what is going on."

Location of the Fight CaveCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGoreu from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdReturn to Reinhardt, and he admits that he lost the deposit, but he can win it back - by betting on you. Reinhardt gives you the Recommendation Letter to Goreu. Go to the Fight Cave, enter, and follow the sign to the Cage. There, speak to Goreu, who takes the letter and tells you to go to the Blue Room and speak to Wiglaf.

Wiglaf from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdWhen you are ready to fight, tell Wiglaf that you are, then follow him. After each match, loot your opponent, as their body will be removed by the time the next match starts, and they have some good items, then return to Goreu to collect your winnings, and back to Wiglaf when you are ready for the next match.

The opponents get harder, but you only have to face them one at a time, so there is no chance of being overwhelmed by numbers. In the arena is a large rock; by standing on top of it, you can be out of reach of some of your opponent's attacks. Potions and other items will not go amiss here; some of the opponents are rather dangerous.

Mork the Fearful from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe first match is against an Orc, Mork the Fearful, who wears Orcish armour and has an Orcish Mace of Thunderbolts. When Wiglaf finishes introducing the fight, kill Mork, but don't attack before or you will be considered to be cheating and attacking by more. After killing Mork, Wiglaf tells you to see Goreu for your winnings, so return to the Cage and find him. Goreu gives you 250 Gold and tells you to return to Wiglaf, who tells you to choose a name to be known by in the Pit. Speak to Wiglaf and pick a name and, when ready, follow him for the next fight.

The next opponent is a Nord, Vald the Impaler, a Vampire. Vald wears Dwarven armour. After killing him, return to Goreu for your 250 Gold, and then back to Wiglaf, who promotes you to Myrmidon.

Next up is Ulnaril the Unbeaten, a High Elf who wears Glass armour. The reward for defeating Ulnaril is 300 Gold from Goreu and Wiglaf will promote you to Brawler.

The next fighter is an Imperial, Brutus, who wears Steel Plate and wields an enchanted weapon. The prize for this match is 350 Gold and a promotion to Warrior.

The next match is against a Breton, Theranis, a spell user, and the reward for him is 400 Gold, and Wiglaf promotes you to Gladiator.

Subra from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe final match is against the Grand Champion, a Khajiit named Subra, who also has an enchanted weapon and has some dangerous spells. The reward for defeating him is 500 Gold.

Return to Reinhardt after collecting your winnings from the final match and he gives you the Contract for Building Materials and a discount. Now, go back to Marcus, and he says that they will now be able to rebuild the inn.

Marcus has no more tasks for you currently, but he says Val wants to see you, so go and find him to start the quest Bitter Wounds.

"I have given the new contract to Marcus. He mentioned Valerius needs to see me so I should check in with him when I can."

After that quest is completed, speak to Marcus and he asks you to follow him so that they can deal with Falco, who is being held beneath Helgen Keep. Falco mentions his sister and her children again, as he did during Bitter Wounds. Korst says that as a traitor he should be immediately killed. Marcus isn't certain and, as he fears that his feelings over Val's death may be getting in the way, asks you for advice.

You can reply "Korst is right, he is a traitor. Let Korst kill him." and Korst will kill Falco. If you say "He almost got me killed! I will kill him right now!" you can then kill him. Finally, you can say "There's been enough death today. Banish him." and Korst will free Falco, he then breaks down before running off. Korst then leaves, and you should now speak to Marcus about the town's progress.

Marcus tells you that Cienna and Balfring are going to retire to set up a blacksmiths, an Argonian is going to start an alchemy shop, Patsy is running the inn, Altan is researching the Sword Singers and Marcus is going to open a general store. He tells you that the various merchants, when they open, will give you a good deal.

"I have spoken to Marcus and despite Valerius' death, all seems to be peaceful for now. I should continue watching the construction progress around town and look for the new shops to open soon."

The various improvements need completing before either Going Home or Color me Cienna can be started.

As the town is rebuilt, a variety of flowering plants appear around the various buildings, a useful source of ingredients.

After two days, Hammer and Anvil (the blacksmiths) and Cienna's House are finished. After five days, Helgen Wholesale, Potent Potables and The Arcane Ambry are completed. After nine days, Marcus' House, Meen-Lei's House, Hella & Dunroe's House, Empty House (later Froki & Haming's House) and House are built outside the north gate, the town is completed, as is this quest, and you now must go and find Froki.

Once the town is fully rebuilt, the quest Going Home starts, and you can also start the quest Color me Cienna, if the other conditions for the latter are all met.

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