Walkthroughs for the quests from Helgen Reborn, a user created plugin for Skyrim. Following the elimination of the vampire threat in Shriekwind Vampires, the next mission in The Changing of the Guard is to deal with necromancers.

The Changing of the Guard (Brittleshin Necromancers)

"A new necromancer leader has moved into Brittleshin Pass and no one can use the passage to get through the mountain. Korst has asked me to take Joto/Cidius/Savard and eliminate the threat."

The Location of Brittleshin PassCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

There are rather more enemies in Brittleshin Pass than there are normally, as well as multiple dead bodies, making the location much more dangerous.[1] Given the sheer number of Necromancers, it is likely that any that die will likely be turned into zombies by the survivors, as well as any existing dead bodies being reanimated into zombies.

In total, there are twelve more corpses, including two Vampires, a Werewolf and a Hagraven, three more Skeletons, seven more Necromancers, a Fire warlock and a Shock warlock, all levelled, in Brittleshin Pass. Open confrontation with them is likely to be rapidly fatal. There is a new area, Brittleshin Cavern, which is where the actual target is.

Enter Brittleshin Cavern, which is also inhabited by a lot of enemies; five Necromancers and a Fire warlock, as well as three Skeletons. There are six dead bodies, including a Hagraven, which can all be reanimated as zombies, as can those of any enemies who fall in battle. Again, open confrontation is not recommended.

As you enter the cavern there is a raised bridge, which needs lowering. Make your way down to the floor and then through the tunnel to the west which leads up to a chamber with an Alchemy Lab. There is another tunnel leading up to the east with a Lever at the top. Activate the Lever to lower the first bridge, then make your way back to it and cross. There is then another raised bridge and a cave off the west with another Lever in it. Activate it to lower the second bridge, then continue south to the final cave where the target, a very hard levelled Necromancer, is waiting. Kill them, and then return to Korst.

"The necromancer threat has been eliminated. I should return to Korst and give him my report."

If you are doing this quest with Joto, as you are making your way back through Brittleshin Cavern after killing the boss, you will come across a Stray Dog, which Joto will adopt and name Bhisha. Bhisha will then be seen following Joto around.

Location of Upper Pinewatch MineCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Changing of the Guard (Upper Pinewatch Bandits)

"The bandits that once occupied Helgen are regrouping and planning on attacking to retake the fort. Korst has asked me to take Herd and eliminate the threat."

Find Herd and go to the Upper Pinewatch Mine, a new area. This is a pretty straightforward killing quest. You need to kill the Bandit Boss, but there are lots of various types of Bandits, who can overwhelm you with their numbers if you aren't careful. There are twelve Bandits outside, including a Bandit Wizard, and the Alteration skill book The Lunar Lorkhan, as well as other treasure.

Enter the mine and, straight ahead from the entrance, is a Bandit. In the large chamber to the right are two more Bandits, one of whom is armed with a bow and is on an upper platform which can't be reached from the cavern.

The way to the boss is to the left of the entrance as you enter. There are three Wizards, eleven other Bandits, a Dog and the very hard levelled Bandit Boss in this part of the mine, as well as a number of oil traps. Make your way to the boss, avoiding the oil and using it against the enemy when possible. Charging through is not recommended, due to the numbers. It is possible to take the high ground using some platforms, which will give you an advantage.

Once the boss is dead, return to Korst.

"The bandit threat has been eliminated. I should return to Korst and give him my report."

Location of Upper Embershard MineCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Changing of the Guard (Upper Embershard Haunt)

"A new owner has recently purchased a long abandoned mine near Helgen. The owner says there are stories that the mine is haunted and he can't find anyone who will go to work for him. Korst has asked me to take Orianthi/Josslin/Kar with me and investigate the mine and report back with my findings."

Find the relevant soldier and make your way to the Upper Embershard Mine, a new area. This is the most dangerous mission so far, possibly of the entire quest series, so stocking up on Magicka, Health and Stamina potions is a very good idea.

Make your way to the Upper Embershard Mine and enter it. When certain points in the mine are passed, dangerous monsters will appear and the screen display will become distorted. These also cause the screen to be affected until the monster has been killed, even if you leave the mine. The enemies in the mine are primarily undead, with the exception of the boss, who is a Dremora.

Giant Frostbite Spider in Upper Embershard MineCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdMake your way into the mine until you get to some webs, which need destroying to pass through. On the other side are three Frostbite Spiders and, when the point is passed, the screen will go funny and a Giant Frostbite Spider will also attack. Once defeated, the screen will return to normal.

The Haunted Shades in Upper Embershard MineCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdContinue on and you will come to an exit from the larger cavern, which slopes up into the next chamber. In this are two Skeletons and, when you are far enough into the chamber, two Haunted Shades will appear. The screen will again distort until the shades are defeated. Go up into the chamber and head south. A ghostly girl, Hanna, will appear, approach and talk to you. She tells you that her parents used to work in the mine, then there was a cave-in and they disappeared. She knows that she's dead and that her parents are too, as is everyone else who used to work there. Hanna wants you to stop the "bad man" so that she can leave. Go through all the conversation topics to find out as much as possible. She will then disappear.The Ghost of Hanna from Helgen RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

Gaafnehdir from Helegn RebornCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdBeyond Hanna is a pit with a ledge above facing the entrance, as well as a ramp spiralling down. When the pit is approached, a ghostly dragon, Gaafnehdir, will appear on the ledge and attack. After the dragon vanishes, make your way onto the t-shaped walkway above the pit.

Evil Presences in Upper Embershard MineCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdHanna will then appear again. Talk to her and she will tell you some more. After you agree to help her, she will tell you that at the bottom of the pit are some invisible miners. Hanna tells you that you need to deal with them first, but she thinks that you will probably have to kill them - you will. Hanna disappears again.

The Dremora Warlock's AmbushCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdMake your way down into the pit. When you get near the bottom, Evil Presences attack. These are dangerous and can overwhelm you. Once they are all dead, return to the top and Hanna approaches again. She tells you about the bad man and where he is. Make your way down the tunnel from the pit. On the left is a slope down with a red glow emitting from it. Part way down a number of shades appear and cast a dangerous frost spell at you. You can shelter from it behind the Oblivion spike to the left. Continue down to the bottom where there is a large chamber.

Once the final chamber is entered, a Dremora Warlock appears and the exits are blocked by invisible barriers. The Dremora is extremely dangerous, as he can heal damage and seems easily able to detect you. The Warlock casts what appears to be a Frost Rune spell constantly on you, which can quickly kill you. Finish him off as quickly as you can.

The Dremora Warlock from The Changing of the GuardCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdIt's very easy to die here, so save before entering the actual room that you get trapped in. Once the Dremora Warlock is dead, it's time to leave and make your way back to Helgen.

"The Upper Embershard mine has been cleared of its ghostly occupiers and it is now safe for mining operations to resume. I should report back to Korst and give my report."

As you make your way to the exit, Hanna will appear once again and thank you. She also gives you Hanna's Ring, which gives a 40% bonus to Sneak.

Return to Helgen and speak to Korst again, to continue with the next mission to defeat the Staadomaar Dragon Priest.

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