Walkthroughs for the quests from Helgen Reborn, a user created plugin for Skyrim. After clearing the haunting from the Upper Embershard Haunt, the next mission in The Changing of the Guard is to deal with a Dragon Priest.

The Changing of the Guard (Staadomaar Dragon Priest)

"A group of archaeologists were digging into an old ruin and they believe they woke up some malevolent presence inside. Korst has asked me to take Sorian/Ciel/Viggun and investigate the ruin and eliminate the presence within."

Location of Staadomaar RuinsCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThis is another dangerous mission, given the sheer numbers of Draugr in some areas of the ruins, which can prove to be overwhelming. Find the soldier you are taking with you and make your way to Staadomaar Cave, which is near to North Brittleshin Pass. There is a trapdoor in the ground and next to it a table with the Archaeologist's Journal on it, which can be read for more information.

Enter Staadomaar Ruins through the trapdoor. In the initial area there are Trolls and Skeevers. Make your way through the cave until you come to two doors. These are trapped and the one to your left is a blank. Continue through the door straight ahead. Throughout the complex Draugr pop out from various things as you pass them. In the last chamber there are fifteen Draugr of various types who will appear as the room is walked through. Once the first one appears, the portcullises at the entrance and exit close. This is a really dangerous room, so be well prepared.

Once you can get out (which may not require all the Draugr to be killed before the portcullis opens), go through the exit portcullis and enter the next section, which is also called Staadomaar Ruins, and is full of Draugr as well as plenty of traps, including some dangerous magical ones powered by soul gems. These traps can be deactivated by removing the gems, which is sometimes possible by lighting patches of oil near them.

Black Glass ClawCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Keyhole in the Staadomaar RuinsCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdFollow the quest marker until you find the Keyhole, at which point you will get an update saying that you need the Black Glass Claw. Again, follow the quest marker until you find that. When the key is taken, more Draugr appear, both near where the key was and in previously cleared areas. Make your way back to the Keyhole and activate it.

The Lever in Staadomaar RuinsCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo straight through the next room, which contains more Draugr, to the Gate opposite the entrance, which is opened by a Handle next to it. Continue through and you will end up back in the first zone of Staadomaar Ruins, in the initial chamber, but in an area that couldn't be reached. Continue on through and you will end up in a large room with a Lever surrounded by holes and some burned corpses (a hint), as well as a closed Gate. Every time the Lever is activated, jets of flames will gush out of the holes.

There are three spinning symbols that need turning to the correct combination which is, when viewed from left to right, Snake, Eagle, Snake. When the correct symbol is displayed for the first time for each pillar, a Draugr will appear.

Using the Lever will now open the Gate. The flames come from the holes surrounding the Lever even when the symbols are in the right place, so activating and running back is recommended.

Staadomaar Dragon PriestCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdExit the Ruins and enter Staadomaar Temple, in which there are yet more Draugr. Make your way through until you reach the final large room. As the circular glowing area is approached, a Dragon Priest appears, which you need to kill. There is a Scroll of Turn Greater Undead next to a dead Draugr on a table on a raised area before you reach the glowing area, which may prove useful.

"The menacing presence inside Staadomaar Ruin has been eliminated. I should return to Korst and give him my report."

The Dragon Priest has the Battered Key, which opens the locked door into the next section. The lock can also be picked, at the Master level, so the key is the easiest choice.

Continue on past, facing yet more undead, until you come to the final door which is opened by a handle opposite it. Exit the temple and you will find a note outside, which can be read. Now return to Korst.

Location of Skybound PassCredit: Mike Hancho/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdThe Changing of the Guard (Skybound Watch Bandits)

"The bandit operation at Pinewatch was only a decoy designed to disguise their true plan of launching their attack from Skybound Watch. Korst has asked me to take Kindrick/Miles/Alof and eliminate the bandit threat once and for all."

This is a straightforward mission, although there is a chance of getting overwhelmed on the approach to South Skybound Watch. Find the relevant soldier and, from Helgen's south gate, make your way east along the road, then take a track that leads of the north-east. On the approach there are about seven Bandits to defeat, including one in the tower of Skybound Watch itself. It is possible to enter Skybound Watch Pass from the north end.[1]

Enter the tower and go through the entrance to Skybound Watch Pass. There are five more Bandits than normal inside the pass. Partway down is a new door to the new area of Skybound Crypt, opposite the trapped Chest. Enter the crypt, in which there are ten more Bandits, including a Wizard, and kill the Bandit Chief.

"The bandit threat has been eliminated. I should return to Korst and give him my report."

Now return to Korst and report. Korst tells whoever you went with to get himself a uniform, which they do, and you can now watch Korst address all the troops, who are all wearing new uniforms, whichever side was chosen.

Korst congratulates them, which completes the quest.

Sorian, Herd and Wanan-Dun, or the relevant soldiers from either the Empire or the Stormcloaks, can all be ordered to accompany you as followers. The others will be available later.

You can now continue with Desperate Times.

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