Undeath is a user-created plugin for Skyrim, the fifth game in the Bethesda Softworks Elder Scrolls series. This plugin adds a new quest series and several new dungeons. The potential rewards are a new merchant, two possible player lairs, new spells and the ability to become a Lich. The plugin requires the DLC Dragonborn in order to run. The first quest, In Their Footsteps, will automatically start at level 30, although it is unlikely that the complete quest series will be possible to complete until level 40, when a required potion will start appearing.

There are two different branches to the quest series, depending on whether or not you want to try out the ritual to become a Lich yourself. This choice must be made before completing any of Exhuming Power, Arkay the Enemy or Infernal Alchemy. Once the choice is made not to do the lich ritual, it cannot be unmade. If you decide not to try out the ritual, this is a much shorter quest series, as it ends with Scourg Barrow. One suggestion is to complete those three quests up until the point when the decision has to be made, then save the game. This will mean that the decision can be made all at once, or changed, without having to do the quests again.

Before entering Apocrypha in Black Book: Whispers of the Veil - and this needs to be done before heading to Scourg Barrow in the quest of the same name - you must ensure you have a light source, or the ability to cast a light spell; otherwise, you will be harmed by the darkness within Apocrypha. In addition, having plenty of room in your inventory for the various valuable books, spell scrolls and soul gems that can be found is also a good idea.

Before the quest The Path of Transcendence can be completed, it is necessary to have an Enchanting skill level of 100 in order to use the Necromantic Altars, so it would be a good idea to train that skill ahead of time. Using Petty Soul Gems and Iron Daggers is one relatively cheap way, especially when combined with other benefits that enhance skill training, such as Well Rested or The Lover's Comfort and the Mage Stone.[1]

In Their Footsteps

The first quest will start automatically once you have reached level 30, but the path to lichdom cannot be completed until at least level 40, due to a required ingredient not appearing until then.

The Location of the Caravan of StendarrCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd"I have heard a rumor that a Vigil of Stendarr caravan has been attacked on the road somewhere in the reach. I should investigate."

Wrecked Caravan of StendarrCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo and find a caravan which has been attacked. The destroyed caravan is located on the road leading to Markath in The Reach to the west of Fort Sungard. When the scene of the attack is approached, you will be prompted to investigate it.

"I have discovered the scene of the destroyed Vigil of Stendarr caravan in the Reach. While a bloody ambush has occurred here, it does not look as though the Forsworn were involved. I should investigate the devastation and see what I can find..."

Vigilant NikolasCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdDead NecromancerCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdAt the site of the destroyed caravan there are four dead Vigilants of Stendarr, the dead Vigilant Nikolas and a dead Necromancer, as well as a Chest, all of which can be looted. The body of Nikolas has the Vigilant's Escort Orders; apparently, the caravan was conveying artefacts that had been confiscated from the College of Whispers to the College of Winterhold. The Necromancer has the Ambush Orders, which should be read.Ambush OrdersCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC Ltd

"From a note I found on the body of a Necromancer, I have learned that the Vigil of Stendarr seemed to be transporting some sort of tome or artifact. Considering the size of the caravan's escort, it is clear it must be very important. It appears that the attackers have taken it to Ravenscorn Spire."

The Location of Ravenscorn SpireCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdNow go to Ravenscorn Spire in Eastmarch. The easiest way of getting to the spire is by climbing up from the road that runs west of Mixwater Mill before the bridge. Otherwise, it is close to the Cradlecrush Rock giant camp. On arrival, outside the spire are two Necromancers and two Skeletons and close by are two levelled forest predators. There is a good chance that the Necromancers and Skeletons will be fighting the predators; if so, let them battle it out between them, then finish off whoever is left.

In front of the spire is an altar - the altar can be activated later, following the completion of The Path of Transcendence - on which are the book Necromancer's Moon and a Human Heart.

Ravenscorn SpireCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdWhen you arrive at the Spire, you will be prompted to go inside it to look for clues.

"I have arrived at Ravenscorn Spire, the lair of the dark wizards that attacked the Vigil of Stendarr's caravan. I believe that the artifact they have stolen must be hidden inside. I should begin my search, and proceed with caution."

Inside the Spire are three levelled Necromancers and two Skeletons. There are a lot of books inside the building; the most notable are two copies of the Alchemy skill book, Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim, the Conjuration skill books, 2920, Frostfall, v10 and The Doors of Oblivion, two copies of the Destruction skill book, Response to Bero's Speech, and the Enchanting skill books Catalogue of Armor Enchantments and Twin Secrets.

The Key to Tower BasementCredit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdGo up to the top floor of the tower and there is a table on which are the Key to Tower Basement, The Path of Transendence and Antioch's Journal - Volume 1. The Path of Transcendence is a journal on a necromancer who was attempting to become a Lich. Antioch's Journal covers the item that was taken from the destroyed Stendarr caravan, a book called the Tome of Unlife. Take the key and both books.

"I have read the journal of the Necromancer's leader, Antioch. It appears that the dark artifact that was stolen from the Vigil of Stendarr was a powerful necromantic tome which has set him on the path of  completing some sort of dark ritual. I should search the Tower basement for more clues."

Antioch's Journal - Volume 2Credit: Antioch/Bethesda Softworks/eGDC LtdNow go to the basement of the Spire and there is a door locked at the Master level, which opens with the key taken from upstairs. Inside is an altar on the opposite wall with several piled next to it; one of these is Antioch's Journal - Volume 2. On reading it, there are details of several artefacts that Antioch has sent his followers to look for, whilst he himself is proceeding to the Dragontail Mountains.

"I have read another entry of Antioch's journal. It appears that he is seeking the secrets for a ritual that will allow him to transform into an undead Lich, and has already departed for the Dragontail Mountains in search of something. He has sent his followers across Skyrim to obtain more artifacts. I should stop them and see if they hold more clues to where their leader has gone."

This finishes this quest and starts three new ones, Arkay the Enemy, Exhuming Power and Infernal Alchemy. Any of these can be done next.

"I have searched Ravenscorn Spire, the lair of the Necromancers who assaulted the Vigil of Stendarr's caravan.  While I did not find the book that was stolen, I have learned that their leader, Antioch, is seeking to use it to become an immortal undead Lich. He has already departed for the Dragontail Mountains in search of something, but has sent his followers across Skyrim to obtain more artifacts. I should seek out and stop his minions before they cause more damage, and see if they have more clues that will lead me to him."

Ravenscorn Spire can be converted into a player lair should the player decide to become a Lich themselves.

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