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Skyrim was the fifth game in a popular series called The Elder Scrolls.  The series was already known for their huge open worlds, ultimate interaction with surrounding, and freedom in game play and character development, but Skyrim brought everything to a whole new level, while actually simplifying some of the complex structure in previous Elder Scrolls games.

Created by Bethesda Game Studios, Skyrim improved on countless facets from previous Elder Scrolls games making the series much more popular and bringing in gamers who had not previously enjoyed the style that Bethesda was promoting.

What made Skyrim great?  What improvements were made?  We'll get into it all.


The Elder Scrolls were already known for their huge open world and freedom to do as you please with absolutely no sense of linear play, but Skyrim combined those aspects with the idea that every nook and cranny, every corner, and every cave might bring new and exciting things to discover, or impending doom.  The previous games often became boring because of the lack of direction and emptiness of the world, but Skyrim is completely packed full of content.  it is astounding how much they could fit on just one disk.  You can literally spend hours and hours roaming around and find quests, items, monsters, dungeons, keeps, and anything else that a world might have to offer, and stay thoroughly engaged the entire time.  There is never a dull moment in Skyrim, which was keenly different from the previous games.

Another aspect of the Elder Scrolls that Skyrim built on was the idea that anything in the world could be interacted with.  While not every single item in the game can be interacted with, it comes pretty close.  You can pick up and sell anything from dinner plates, to pieces of fire wood, to rags you find in a nearly empty wardrobe.  This aspect makes the game much more fun, knowing that every chest or barrel may be hiding something for you to loot.

Combat can be a little difficult to manage sometimes, seeing that your character does not always respond to your commands the way you want them to or how you expect, but all in all it is enjoyable.  You can choose to wield two weapons, one, or one with a shield, or magic, and the perk trees help you to choose which areas you want to improve upon when leveling up.

Leveling up your skills has been simplified some.  No longer will you be jumping everywhere you go in order to increase your acrobatics skill.

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Graphics in Skyrim were much improved from the previous Elder Scrolls games.  Things looked much less edgy, and humans looked and acted much more normal, though there is still some more steps to be taken here, especially in facial expressions.

The Skyrim world is breathtaking, to say the least.  The mountains, forests, cliffs, cities, and lakes are all masterfully created to give gamers the experience of a lifetime.  Simply experiencing the world is enough to keep you invigorated, even without the loads of random encounters, quests, and dungeons waiting around every turn.  The great thing is, everything you see in the game, you can reach.  That mountain?  You can go there!  There is no part of the world that is simply background.  You can spend countless hours exploring.


The Skyrim soundtrack is one of the best you can find in all of video games.  The music fits the world so perfectly, and adds expertly to the overall experience.  After playing Skyrim, you will realize throughout the day that you are singing some of the music in your head (or out loud), and you won't mind because of how good it is.


The Elder Scrolls have always been targets for fan modification, but Skyrim has the most mods perhaps of any game out there, with more being created on a daily basis.  This adds and exciting new spin to the game, since mods will greatly enhance certain aspects of the game, including graphics, quests, weapons and armor, additional characters, classes, and more.  The possibilities really are endless.  These mods, of course, will only be available for the computer version of the game, so Xbox lovers will have to stay with the vanilla version.

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is one of the best RPG's ever made.  It has endless content and a huge open world with massive opportunity for gamers.  When you are bored with what the game has to offer, you can then dip into the infinite world of mods and turn your Skyrim experience into something completely different.  Get out there and kill some dragons!

I would give this game a 10/10 score.

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