Does the Amazon Kindle Spell the End of the Paperback?

The Amazon Kindle is in the process of changing the way we read books for ever. The new wave of electronic book readers, some of which can store up to 3500 books, is set to sweep away the established interpretation of what makes a good book.

Of course there will always be the traditionalists and enthusiasts who are resistant to change (my Grandmother was still hand washing her clothes in the sink 20 years after washing machines became available!)

Whilst the hardback or even the paperback enthusiast might not be swayed, the challenge for the Amazon Kindle electronic book reader is to capture those of us who pick up a paperback, suck the entertainment out of it and then move on. For us, the book is a means to an end rather than a tactile or collectable item. Our books end up in the charity shop or under a decorating table at the local Car Boot Sale.

Although initially comparatively expensive, the cost of a good electronic book reader like the Amazon Kindle, as with most new technology, is coming down rapidly as it becomes established in the market. If you take the plunge you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there are already over 2 million free e-books available for download and that some electronic titles are available at half the price of their paperback cousins.

The possibilities for the Amazon Kindle electronic book reader are endless, with the ability to digitally translate the content into foreign languages, improve accessibility for the sight impaired by increasing font sizes or even utilise text to speech software to have the device read the book to you.

For those in education, the ability to instantly download text books into the reader, use a search function to drill down to specific information and then synchronise with their computer to edit and output the results, provides a significant departure from carrying out research in the University Library

The dictionary definition of an e-book is that it is a digital version of a book that is available in print. Whilst this may have been true at one time, there are now books released specifically to the electronic market. These have never and will never be available in print. Perhaps this is a small glimpse into the future.

Book retailing giant Amazon, is firmly behind the technology and have produced a market leading range of electronic book readers known as the Amazon Kindle range the latest and best of which is the Kindle 3 and a larger screened version known as the Kindle DX. In addition, they are combining these devices with an ever increasing range of e-books available to purchase and download directly from the Amazon website at incredibly low prices.

The Amazon Kindle electThe Amazon Kindleronic book readers are now wifi and 3g enabled for those on the move and have up to one month battery life. The screen backgrounds and text fonts, colours and sizes are all adjustable so that they can be used in anything from complete darkness to bright sunlight. There are also some beautifully designed accessories including leather covers available to protect the devices.

All in all, the Amazon Kindle electronic book reader has much to recommend it, would make a perfect gift for the person who likes to keep ahead of the game and requires easily availability and extreme portability of reading material. Why not step into the future of book reading today and treat yourself to an Amazon Kindle electronic book reader?