Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom: Just who are they?

Infected Mushroom is a DJ duo that pioneered the genre of Psytrance and electronic music for their time. Their unique blend of electronic psytrance, mystifying sounds, and grunge guitar rifts has given them a place at the top of the trance pyramid and is well known at all raves and trance parties. They have continued to produce great sounding music, though their style and sound is a little too unique and weird for some people's tastes. Still, their style is unparalleled and nobody can deny how their influence in the psytrance genre has propelled it to a new level.

Their music style and sound

While a question could arise of what is psytrance, that is another article entirely. This article will just talk about Infected Mushroom and how unique their style is of psytrance. Infected Mushroom has captivated a large audience that enjoys club style rave music and a more underground style of goa/psytrance music. They are considered revolutionaries because of their unique blend of trance melodies and hypnotic arrangements combined with traditional psytrance style transitions. Many people regard them as the best psytrance duo currently still producing music. The 1990's and early 2000's were the primetime of the goa/psytrance genre and it has gradually died down since then. Still this genre is very healthy at parties and for those who enjoy a psychedelic journey through their mind. Their music really helps me relax and let go of any stress, and yet if I choose to I could let it really rile me up and get my heart pumping. This ability to affect the emotions and let people explore their minds is really an amazing characteristic of a DJ duo.

Their successful albums

Infected Mushroom has created a bunch of successful songs and albums, but two albums stand out as the pinnacle of their success. The first album that they made that really helped them take off was called "The Gathering". Utilizing ideas such as interjected movie quotes from Independence Day for "Release Me", deep bass licks like in "Psycho", and hypnotic melodies in "Gathering", this album set the gold standard Infected Mushroom planned to place on the genre and many people began to take notice of them. Once this album took off they began to explore other venues and effects, and that's when their best album to date was released in 2007 called "Vicious Delicious". This album has some of the best goa/psytrance music I've ever heard in my life, nothing even comes close or can compare to the genius of the songs in this piece of high quality goodness. Their prime song that was named after the album "Vicious Delicious" has probably one of the best buildups in the history of music. The buildup to the explosion at the end is so intense that it could probably be linked to some people's health problems after hearing the song. While that's really just exaggeration the point holds true that the Vicious Delicious album held some pinnacle moments of new electronic technology and sound arrangements that propelled Infected Mushroom into the top of the psytrance world. From that album onward Infected Mushroom has been the main go to DJ duo when people are looking for powerful trance style music.

Where are they heading?

I'm not entirely sure if Infected Mushroom is currently working on a new album, but I do know that they are continually adding new and creative content to their arsenal and people are flocking to their concerts in droves. One look at their posts on their Facebook page indicates that goa/psytrance and Infected Mushroom are certainly not dead. My hopes are high that Infected Mushroom will continue to grow and produce more albums, but for now I'm content with just keeping up with their current Facebook postings about successful concerts and new ideas they are coming up with. Look for more to come in 2013!