Oval engagement rings are truly spectacular indeed. Oval cut diamonds are rare, elegant and classic. They look perfect as solitaires, along with a nice setting. The oval shape stands out for itself and doesn’t really need to be balanced by other side stones. However, if you prefer rings with side stones, you can still consider oval diamonds, but you need to pick a medium size central stone and small side stones. The cut of an oval diamond makes it less shiny then round diamonds, but compensates by rarity and style.

 Is An Oval Engagement Ring Suitable For You?

When it comes to picking the right engagement ring, you need to make sure it suits your hand and it matches your style and the rest of your jewelries. Oval engagement rings are ideal for ladies with long, slender fingers. The oval shaped diamond has something classic about it and brings you timeless charm. This is why, if you love to dress very modern of futuristic, you should pick square or rectangle diamonds. Oval diamonds are for ladies who prefer classic outfits and love to wear glamorous jewelries. As for the setting, pick one that works with the other pieces from your jewelry box. If you are a fan of white gold or platinum, then pick the same metal for the ring. But, if most of your other jewelries are made of yellow gold, you need to be able to match them with your engagement ring, so just pick a setting made of yellow gold.

 Oval engagement rings and exotic gold colors

For an extra special engagement ring, you can opt for exotic combinations, like an oval cut diamond and a rare gold color. There are exquisite gold nuances, like rose, green, purple of blue. Even if those colors might not be the traditional ones for engagement rings, they can make a beautiful ring to stand out in an amazing way. Oval diamonds are pretty rare, and that’s because jewelers need a rough stone of great clarity to be able to polish it as oval. Add to the rarity of oval engagement rings the exotic touch or rare gold colors and you obtain a truly unique item.

Things to consider when shopping for oval engagement rings

This type of engagement rings is flattering for anyone. A big, oval solitaire looks great on a woman with slender fingers, while a small central stone, with surrounding side stones, will make a small, square hand to appear elongated. So, when it comes to elegance and style, oval engagement rings are a very good option for virtually all women. However, your budget is a very important thing you have to consider, when shopping for oval engagement rings. Oval cut diamonds can be quite expensive, because it takes a good quality diamond to be able to perform the cut. If you are interested in oval engagement rings, but you have to stick to your budget, you have to options. First of them would be to search for smaller central stones, complemented by a cluster of small side stones. That’s a very elegant, eye-catching combination. The second thing you could do is to give up on the diamond and to pick a less expensive gemstone instead. You can even pick your birthday stone – this way, your ring will have a truly special meaning to you. When you shop for oval engagement rings, you also need to pay attention to the setting and the bezel. Because of the shape, this diamond needs prongs, to make sure that the stones doesn’t come off.  

 How to find affordable oval engagement rings

All diamond engagement rings are pretty expensive, and, if you want good-quality items and affordable prices, you need to shop around a lot. You can find very good offers in online stores. You have the opportunity to see and compare hundreds of different items. However, when you shop online, especially if you intend to get expensive objects, like oval engagement rings, you need to be very careful. First of all, make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy dealer. Check its recent activity and customers’ reviews to find out all the important stuff about that dealer. Before placing your order or paying any money at all, you should ask the seller if you would be getting some sort of authenticity certificate for the diamond.