7 inch capacitive screen,

Fast processor and RAM

Excellent response and speed

Android 2.2


Needs better battery life, but still does pretty good. Battery life can last from 4 to 6 hours.

Full Review

I was sad to see it go, but I decided to sell my netbook and move over to the tablet. The android tablets are so cool, I had to get one. What got me thinking about it was the Apple Ipad. What a beautiful piece of machinery. I found it very appealing, but having a touch screen instead of a keyboard kept me from buying it. Well, that and the price. And also the lack of a SD Card slot, plus the internal battery. So, even though I love the Ipad, I looked elsewhere. I next fell in love with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is an excellent machine as well. It is 7 inches of pure delight. The fact that I would be forced into a contract with the cell phone companies, no thank you. Plus the price is more than the Ipad!

So, after giving up on those two, I decided to look at price as the motivation. I found a MID tablet,or a Mobile Internet Device. The MID tablets are usually cheaper, lower versions of Android, lower end processors, and less RAM. The one I found was the MID X5a. It had a decent processor, was a 7 inch compact beauty that was bought at a very fair price. However, I soon found that after using the Galaxy Tab, not having the multi-touch capacitive screen was very annoying. It had only the resistive screen, and was not as smooth to use as the others. I sent it back to China.

Not wanting to pay the $500 dollars still, I continued my research. There had to be a tablet out there that had the capacitive touch screen, and could match or come close to the Ipad and the Galaxy. I finally found one that was comparagble. The Elocity A7 tablet. It had the look and feel of the Galaxy, a great processor, plenty of RAM, and a Mini SD card slot too! What a great machine!

The Elocity A7 is smooth, solid, and matches the power and feel of the Galaxy Tab. The screen size is 7 inches, which is much smaller than the Ipad, but for me was perfect. The touch screen on the A7 is capacitive, and therefore has the multi-touch which I like. It is running on Android 2.2, and the price was only around $300. Much cheaper than the competitors, and is equal if not better than the others.

The A7 is my favorite so far in size, performance and reliability, and lets not forget the price. It also runs on the Android 2.2 system, which supports Flash 10. The fact that it has more RAM than most Tablets, and has the NVidia Tegra 2 processor that runs at a 1Ghz speed, makes it for me better than the Ipad or the Samsung Galaxy. The only thing that I see that could be improved is battery life. Other than that, its a great machine.

Here are the specs:
7-Inch Internet Tablet for Android 2.2
NVIDIA Tegra II T-250, Dual ARM 9 CPU (1GHz clock speed)
with 8 separate processors
Capacitive Touch Screen
4 GB Internal Storage
Micro SD Card Slot upto 32GB
1080p Viewing and HDMI Output for 1080p True HD Viewing
3-Axis Accelerometer for 3D Gaming
Standard USB 2.0 Host
3.5mm Audio Jack
DC-in Connector
Docking Port
1.3 megapixel webcam
e-Reader application
Virtual Keyboard
Wireless & Bluetoothâ„¢ 2.1
Flash Support
Stereo Playback

In Closing

I love the Elocity A7, it is well worth what you pay verses what you get from the Ipad or the Galaxy Tab. It's a great buy and a solid tablet. Look for it on Youtube, you will see its capabilities. There are other reviews as well.