In today’s digital world, marketing has taken on a new meaning. Traditional marketing efforts should now be complemented by strategies that would take into account the web-savvy consumer. Online marketing is now another dimension that must be leveraged in order to be able to have competitive advantage and drive sales forward. Metrics such as web traffic, conversion ratios and click-through rates now matter to any business. As an internet marketer or an internet business owner, it is important that you have the right tools to help you manage clients or market your product and measure performance. With over 115,000 individuals and business owners to count as clients, AWeber is one the best email marketing tools around. This service allows you to expand your digital marketing efforts and reach more audiences than ever.

Although I've been using Constant Contact at the beginning when I created my first website I quickly switched to AWeber because the company is the leading provider for email marketing. Beside that they have some nice functions which allow you to increase your business easily.

While AWeber has its beginnings as an email marketing tool, it has developed over time into a very powerful digital marketing instrument that aims to create relationships with customers so that your business will be able to gain the profit that you want. Build your email list and send meaningful marketing messages that would create a call to action.

With their new drag and drop boxes it is very easy to create a message. You do not even need to know HTML for that. You can load a template to AWeber or simply use one of their templates. 

Aweber comes with a plethora of tools that you can use. You can easily create professional and elegant email newsletters (by drag and drop or by copying and pasting your HTML) that readers will be excited to receive. There are over 150 email templates to choose from so you can be sure that what you create has certain uniqueness to it.  Create stylish sign up forms and auto responder follow ups that will make sure that your target market responds. Measure performance through an email tracking feature and be able to manage your subscribers more effectively. To gain even more functionality, you don’t have to limit yourself to AWeber’s tools. You can integrate third-party applications to the service.

Your natural thought would be that a service like this will drive your costs through the roof. On the contrary! AWeber is a very affordable opt-in email marketing tool. The entry-level plan is something that the small business owner can definitely make use of. There are no setup fees and you won’t get locked into a contract. I was surprised at how affordable it can be. The return on investment is really great for such an invaluable tool. You can try AWeber for as little as $1 in your first month - with a full money back guarantee.

Don’t just take my word for the effectiveness of AWeber’s marketing tools. If you take a look at AWeber’s client list, it is veritable who’s-who in the business world. Reader’s Digest, Bragg, Moxietrades, Copyblogger and so many more, count on AWeber to give them efficient tools that would enable them to keep in touch with their customers in a fast, cost-effective, and professional way.

If there’s one thing that separates AWeber from the rest, it’s the amount of support that you receive. Not only will you be able to get live customer service, you will also learn to maximize the potential of the various tools through watching the webinars and video tutorials.

Don’t lag behind the competitors in email marketing. Harness the tools that AWeber offers and get the customer response that you want. You won't be able to manage this yourself, so let the market leader do this for you with its best email marketing tool.

Get started now - you don't want to lose your visitors because you don't have an email marketing tool!