A wedding emergency kit could save the day.

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The emergency wedding kit can save a wedding day. It’s simple contents, from a sewing kit to nail polish can fix any tear and fill in for the inevitable forgotten items. These kits are often given at bridal showers or brought by a bridesmaid the morning of the wedding. But don’t forget the groom. A bridal emergency kit is also a must have for the groom on the wedding day.

Buying an Emergency Wedding Kit

You can purchase an emergency wedding kit, which has the advantage of coming with a cute bag or tote and containing items you may not have thought to include. Some are made specifically for brides and others for either the bride or groom. And there’s a range of kits to choose from. You can go with sweet and simple to extravagant.

The Wedding Day Bridal Emergency Kit sold by Amazon is a small kit in a simple blue bag (in case the “something blue” was forgotten). The kit is easily packed into a larger tote or suitcase and contains wipes, hair pins, mints, clear nail polish, and more basics. Simple kits wiWedding emergency kitCredit: Amazonth the basic necessities are perfect for the bride and for small weddings.

For a more extravagant bridal survival kit, you can opt for a Mojuba Bride Wedding Day Emergency Kit, which comes in a black patent leather or white purse. Closed up it is sleek and stylish. Open it and it unfolds to reveal several storage levels filled with everything you could possibly need for a wedding day emergency. This includes the basics plus double-sided tape (to make sure dresses and undergarments stay in place), static guard spray, eye drops, tissue, lint paper, and much more. Mojuba also makes groom kits that come in leather cases. A good gift to give as a pair if you are attending a wedding shower given for the bride and groom.

Make Your Own Emergency Wedding Kit

If you want to put your own personal touch on the happy couple’s wedding emergency kit, you can make your own. Use, or make if you are crafty, a bag or tote that reflects their personality and is practical. This bag needs to go with the bride or groom throughout the day, so it should be easy to carry and not let items fall out.

In the bag include:

  • Clear nail polish – to stop runs in nylons
  • Safety pins
  • Bobby hairpins
  • Mirror
  • Sunscreen
  • Lint brush roller – the sticky tape kind
  • Non-slip shoe grips – the sticky shoe grips that go on the bottom of shoes. The brides shoes are probably brand new and slippery
  • First aid kit
  • Lotion
  • Ibuprofen
  • Antacids
  • Sewing kit
  • Deodorant
  • Static spray
  • Super glue
  • Baby wipes
  • Mints or mouthwash
  • Camera

As a little something to add to your emergency wedding kit gift, think of what would make the bride, or groom, laugh, smile, and maybe even cry a little. It may be a picture, memento, or even an heirloom. That personal touch will make the gift all the more memorable.