Social Media can be defined as a set of internet based applications which allow the formation and exchange of user-developed content. Basically, social media integrates the online expertise and methods through which people can share content, personal views, exchange different perspectives and point of views into global issues. They can also normally discuss almost anything that comes to mind.

Types of Social Media Web Sites
As technology is booming and world is clamping and becoming a global community, social media is gaining hype among general internet users. Most websites are now being designed to serve the purpose of Social media. These websites easily integrate with social media tools.

Following are a few examples of social media websites.

1. Gaming Sites: There are a number of websites that are dedicated to online gaming. Gone are those days when you had to install space consuming PC games on your hard drive. Now is the era of online gaming which is a hundred times more affordable than a PlayStation. Not only do these websites offer awesome games, but they also give players a chance to interact via chatting while defeating the brains out of the each other.

2. Social Networking: This is the Era of Facebook! Who can imagine life nowadays without checking "their wall" for any messages? Social networking websites liberates you to create an individual profile about yourself, chat with friends, discuss and share information and pictures. If you are not on Facebook, you must be a tragically anti-social individual.

3. Video Sharing: People can upload their personal or favorite videos on video sharing social media. One such popular example is

4. Photo Sharing: Websites like and allow internet users to share their pictures with other users, for whatever purpose it may be.

5. Wikis: Wikipedia, for example, serves the purpose of creating, editing and sharing information about a subject or issue. These WebPages play an imminent part in the life of students and information seekers.

6. Presence Applications: These are the websites that permit users to publish micro blog posts and publish what they are currently up to. Celebrities use such websites to stay in touch with their fans. Twitter is supposedly the best example of presence application.

Is Social Media really needed?

Social media is perhaps one media that is most sought after these days. People spend most of their time on the internet in current times. The widespread use of GPRS technology has now given people much more access to the internet. Whether doing your laundry, working in the office, travelling in a bus or enjoying a party, you can easily stay socially connected. Social media can be used to serve the purpose of marketing. If you are into any business, Social Media websites will ensure that your business or the offers will easily reach the target audience. One of the best things about social media platforms is that they're effortless to understand and simple to use; however, marketers persist to struggle with finding ways to earn money from them.