These coupon books can save you literally thousands of dollars in a year's time.


It can sometimes be problematic to lug them around, and if you travel a lot you have to make sure you're in the right, geographic area to use it.

Full Review

The Entertainment Book is one of the bigger collected books of coupons available on the market. Most people have come into contact with it at some point because they saw it being sold in a book store, they had to sell them as part of a fundraiser or you happen to have one of those friends who always has a coupon for every outing no matter how big or how small it is. Of this group that have heard of the Entertainment Book, or who have owned one, very few people actually go through and realize just how much this book has to offer and how much money you can really save in the long run.

The coupons in the Entertainment Book start every year in November. You can buy the new edition before that, but November is the usual start date. From that time you have one year to use as many of the coupons in the book as you can until they're invalid. Now the up-front price for an Entertainment Book can be as high as $30, but you can usually get them for $20 if you're buying them from a reasonable book seller or through a school charity. Once you have the book, what you've purchased is thousands of dollars in potential savings, if you remember to use it.

A short list of the coupons found in the Entertainment Book would include; restaurants (fast food and casual dining), movies, gym memberships, paintball outings, aerobics classes, car maintenance, Hallmark purchases, gas coupons and dozens of other areas. Now, exactly which coupons you get will depend on where you are physically, because these books are put together on a geographical area basis. So when you buy a book for Northwest Indiana, you get a region of participating stores and merchants. The same goes for other regions.

Now, you have coupons for businesses within your area, but how good are they, really? The food coupons tend to be of a buy-one-get-one sort of nature, the gas coupons can save you a few dollars a month, and you can get a variety of things from oil changes to shock alterations for anywhere from 10 percent off to half off your total purchase. If you just use a coupon for every other time you go out, or when you order in for pizza on the weekends, you can save up to an easy $1,500 in a year (your reviewer did this very thing his freshman year of college). So if you have one of these books, remember that you can only recoup your original investment by using it every chance you get. So keep it in your car, or in your handbag, so that you always have it quick to hand when you need it.

In Closing

Entertainment Books are huge packages of money saving coupons, which is something anyone in a recession can appreciate. Businesses want customers, and customers want to go out. These books make a great gift for the college student or spendthrift in your life as well.