Interviewing for a new job is nerve racking, regardless of what position you are vying for. In today's economy, the competition for work is high, especially for entry level jobs. Here, we provide you with some essential tips on how to stand out and get noticed in the best possible way!

First, before you are getting dressed for the big meeting, do some research on the company. Of course you need to know where the business is and what position you are interviewing for. However, also try to find out what the company does, what its reputation is, and how successful it is. If the company has a website, visit it and learn a little about the business. If it is a store, visit it a couple of days before the interview. An interviewee who has taken the time to research the company will be considered a person with ambition.

Also, if possible do a little research about the interviewer. Try running the interviewer's name through an Internet search engine. You never know – maybe you two went to the same college or participate in the same charity. Any connection like that will make you memorable.

Second, ask questions about the company during the interview. This is where a lot of your research will come in handy. All the candidates will ask about pay and vacation time. Very few job candidates will ask what the best selling product is, or how the company is planning to expand in the next few years. By asking, not only will you be seen as smart and interested, but you will also introduce the idea of your future with the company.

Third, you will want to offer ideas of how your skills can solve the company's problems and aid in its success. If the company is looking for a teller or cashier, explain how your math skills and history with cash handling will help you in the job. If they need a receptionist, tell about your typing ability and how organized you are. You want to paint a mental picture of how good you will be in the job.

Fourth, be flexible. Entry level position employees are the grunts of the workforce. They usually work the most for the least amount of pay. Finding employees who are not only willing but also happy to work that hard is very difficult. If you are eager to work any hours, to pick up overtime, and to help reorganize the dusty, 10 year old file system, then a manager will love you!

Finally, the most important tip is to be yourself. Have confidence in your intelligence and abilities, and your talent will be apparent to the interviewer.