Bamboo Flooring and the Environment

Trying to become environmentally friendly is top priority for a vast majority of people. There are several ways to become a more green living home such as buying organic foods or buying a hybrid vehicle. One of the most beautiful and efficient ways to bring the green into the home is with bamboo flooring.

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Bamboo flooring is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and sustainable material that will reproduce a new set every few years. Since bamboo is a tropical plant it has also become a moisture resistant plant making it a higher quality material than wood for resistance to heat and moisture. The bamboo is also extremely strong, hard and durable due to the process of breaking down the fibrous strands prior to being cured. The strands strengthen during curing and become extremely resilient to produce a tough material.

This style of flooring has numerous advantages over traditional flooring in regards to resistance to damage over several years. The use of bamboo plants are eco-friendly and will not cause any damage to the environment. The plants are easily grown without the use of toxins to endanger the water supplies or the air within the environment.

The majority of trees take several decades to become mature enough for cutting, they cannot redevelop naturally and the wood has a higher chance of containing pesticides and other toxins found in growing farms. A bamboo plant will become fully grown in approximately three years and once remove can be harvested again.

Bamboo flooring provides an natural and fashionable look to the home that will never go out of style. The flooring is available in several different patterns to choose from and the look will go well with any existing home décor. Once it has been installed the floor will last for the lifetime of the home.

Cleaning bamboo is extremely easy and only requires wiping up spills with a soft dry cloth. The material will not soak up spills making it a great option for areas such as the kitchen and/or bathroom that are susceptible to numerous spills that would otherwise cause stains. The strong durable material is a must have for households with children as it is resilient and resistant to accidents that occur on a regular basis.

A great aspect of flooring that is made from bamboo is the ability to repel insects. The majority of traditional woods are a haven for insects that are naturally drawn and set up habitats in the wood. The bamboo materials are a natural and effective way to prevent the infestation of insects that are often found in wood floors. 

The cost for installation this type of flooring is similar to that of a traditional hardwood floor, however, the initial investment is one that will last a lifetime as opposed to the hardwood floors made from trees. When a traditional hardwood floor is damaged there is almost no way to repair without replacing the entire floor, this is eliminated with bamboo.

Caring for and maintaining bamboo flooring is easy. There should be an avoidance of wearing shoes with heels to prevent possible indentations or extreme scratches. To make cleaning simpler provide a mat at the door for collecting the dirt, dust and grime that otherwise would be brought onto the bamboo. Use a soft bristle brush for sweeping the floor and wipe spills with a dry soft cloth as soon as they as noticed. The materials are extremely durable and strong, however, they are a derived from a plant so basic caution should be implemented to avoid any possible damage. Clean the floor on a regular basis to prevent build up of dirt and dust by sweeping and mopping with a soft mop.