In 2010, with the release of iPad , Steve Jobs bough new class of device and he said that with the iPad, we are entering into a post PC era (video below). And now we have tons of tablets. In many cases a tablet is far better than a laptop in cases such as portability and browsing the web. But will it become a post PC device?

The iPad

Experiencing iPad I came to know that it is much more powerful than I thought. The apps like Keynote, Pages & Number and high graphics games like Asphalt, Contact Killer 2 & Infinity blade show the true power of a iPad. Even the game like GTA Vice City, Prince of Persia & Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six which were on PC a long time ago are now available on mobile devices. The iPad also can be used as a secondary monitor. My first tablet device was the iPad 2 and it was fantastic. I had stopped using my PC for because iPad helped me get things done much faster.

Windows 8

The next big thing in post PC world is Windows. The Metro UI on Windows 8 allows it to be used as a tablet and as a PC. Which is awesome! So the apps I use on PC can be taken any where I want . And there are many convertibles out there . Convertibles are tablets that can be turned into laptops. This is also good for programmers a program, they write can be used of two separate class of devices . Yes, Windows Store is not as good when compared to Android or iOS. But it is constantly developing.


Finally Android! Personally I don't like Android tablets, Yes I hate them. Because they do not have good quality of apps at a good resolution. Most of the tablet apps for android is just a stretched phone app. Even when they have Ultra-HD displays. Comparing with an iPad or Windows it offers poor quality. But the good thing about Android since it is an open source project it has much mire potential to grow better. Android has come a long way as a good operating system .

Technological development behind these awesome devices specifically the iPad has stopped me from getting a computer. But since I am a computer student I needed a Laptop. But otherwise I would not have bought one. So I think they are truly going to become post PC devices when we will have PC in only history chapters!

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