Generally people are confused between a balanced diet and a weight loss diet. Both of these things are dissimilar, in many ways. When we talk about a balanced diet, it means your diet must include all the mineral salts, vitamins, fats, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates in the exact amount. This will not only help you to reduce excessive body weight but also keep your body healthy and protect it from various health risks.

Now you must be thinking how can I get all these essential nutrients from natural food? Obviously we all know these food sources and we do use them in our daily life. But what we don't know is that , what nutritional value each food item has in our daily consumption? This thing is really important to know , if you are following a weight loss diet or simply want to eat a balanced diet on a daily basis.

In the following text some the most essential nutrients for us have been summarized. One should know the importance of each of these nutrients separately, and then try to create a balance in their diet, taking adequate amount of everything.Protien


Proteins help us to re-grow and repair our body muscles; therefore it is considered to be a useful source of getting energy. In order to get protein you should add up egg, milk, white meat, red meat and fish. All these food items are rich with proteins and help your body to work better than before.


Fats play an iFatsmportant part in our whole body system, as they hold the essential items such as Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. Many people have a misconception that fats increase the weight of our body and thus make us obese. But the main thing to know is what type of fats you are taking? Some are good fats for your body, while many others are the bad ones. If you keep yourself away from using even the good fats, it will never give you a slim and smart body. Consuming fats in moderate manner will never do any harm to your body, but when you consume incorrectly then it creates trouble for you. However the unhealthy fats that exist now, in every junk food, must be avoided by all means.


Adding up fiber in our daily diet is important as it gives us a diet in a balanced proportion. It also prevents many health issues. Fiber also helps our body muscles to work properly. All the grains contain high amount of fiber, and we must include enough fiber in our daily meal.


Potatoes, cereals, rice bread all are some of the good sources of getting carbohydrates. You must be thinking that we all consume any or all of these food items almost on daily basis so what is that we lack? The point is that we do not take them properly as they should be consumed, even in the way we cook food, steals all these nutrients from these essential sources and what we eat is simply junk!

So the basic idea ofCarbs getting balance diet is to add all the food sources in our daily diet. Like for example you can take bread, egg and milk in breakfast, in lunch you can take vegetables and fruits and in dinner you can have any meat item. This will ultimately add every food group in your diet, and hence you are taking a balanced diet with not much effort.

We should keep in mind that all the above nutrients help our body in many ways, and inclusion of these sources in our daily routine is necessary. This will not only help us to take diet in a balanced proportion, but also it will boosts up our metabolism and stamina.