The Estes Big Daddy Model Rocket

The Estes Big Daddy Oversized Model Rocket- For Those Who Want More Power!

If you enjoy launching model rockets but are tired of messing around with the small time diggers, supersize your rocket launching pleasure with the Estes Big Daddy model rocket. This large bad boy clocks in at just under 2 feet tall and a hefty 3" waist size. This large model rocket is designed to take the massive Estes E class model rocket engine, so you can really enjoy the oversized blast when it comes time for lift off. The Estes Big Daddy model rocket comes with a pre-assembled 24" parachute for gentle and controlled recovery phases. If you've enjoyed launching your model rockets but are looking for a bit more power than anything you've handled before, the Big Daddy model rocket is perfect for you. When you use E class engines with the Big Daddy, it can achieve altitudes of 900 feet! Despite its size, this huge model rocket can still hustle it up to altitude and make quite a display doing it.

Special Considerations Regarding the Estes Big Daddy Large Model Rocket

The Big Daddy is a skill level 2 model rocket. This means it has a couple of delicate pieces, namely its balsa wood fins, that must be handled with care. If you've only ever assembled skill level 1 rockets previously, and you're use to being able to jam the hardy plastic fins into place on the rocket's fuselage, you'll need to exercise a bit more care and caution when putting together the Big Daddy. Just be careful to gently remove the balsa wood fins from the overall rocket kit and also be gentle when installing them into their slots on the rocket's fuselage. Balsa wood fins are lighter weight, allowing the overall rocket mass to be somewhat lowered and therefore enable the rock to achieve higher max altitudes.

The Estes Big Daddy rocket also comes with water slide decals which are easy to apply to your rocket's body. Just cut the decals off the decal sheet, leaving some extra clear adhesive plastic as a buffer around the decal image itself. Next, wet them gently in a shallow dish of water and slide the top adhesive decal layer off the base card. Then gently apply the decal to the desired spot on the rock making sure to gently smooth out any air bubbles that may form. It's important to get your decal to fit as snugly as possible to your model rocket's body in order to ensure a good seal and a long lasting decal application. Allowing excessive air pockets and bubbles to get between your fuselage and the decal will result in a poor seal and the decal will wear out or tear much earlier on.

The Estes Big Daddy is a great large model rocket for those who enjoy some spunky attitude and cartoony style in their model rockets. Designed to reflect some of the early drawings of spaceships in cartoony imaginings of the 1950's, Estes made the Big Daddy in order to appeal to model rocket enthusiasts looking for a more unique vessel for their next addition to the fleet.