I remember back in the day everyone used to have many round little TVs with antennas poking out in every angle. Those things were dangerous. I mean, they can be used as a weapon to cane some poor kid or even unwillingly poke an eye out if you weren't careful. Then of course it was the era of cable TV and no one thought it would succeed.

But before you knew it cable was everywhere. Many people still stuck to their old TVs and held on till the very end when they finally had to buy a new model set and decided to go in for the cable ready version instead. But that took a long time. Many people, when they made the change, only did so with their family room TVs. Usually the TV in the basement or in the kitchen would still have the old bunny ear antennas. But soon cable caught on strong and only the most uncool people still did not have it.

Dads and Grandpas no longer had to climb on the icy roof to point the large rooftop antenna 12 degrees north every time a snowstorm would hit. They could not safely take their rightful place on their favorite chair in front of the TV where men have always belonged. And now TV is about to undergo yet another powerful metamorphosis. From Antennas and Cable TV in the 70's and 80's, today it is all about the Internet. And the change, as always, is first seen amongst high school and college going kids. Most of them don't own a TV or a Boombox. They have one laptop which they use for everything.

This is a real space saver in the cramped dorm rooms or attic bedrooms of today. On one laptop, you can do everything. You can work, socialize, and get educated and entertained. You can get any and all sorts of programming on the Internet. But the TV industry doesn't like this new change. That is because Internet TV is Free and any viable business model on the Internet must always be free. People will never pay for something that they can get for free and least of all poor college students. The key is to keep it free and use advertising to monetize content.

The Internet is the perfect vehicle for that kind of business plan. Why not take the best of what the Internet has to offer and make TV free? The best thing to do for all TV channels is to offer their programming for free worldwide and target a global audience. This would mean higher advertising rates and more money for everyone. So why don't they do it? Because they are old and this is a new business model.

Every time something innovative comes along, the stalwarts in every industry drag their feet. This is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening since the beginning of time. The very same people who were talking about the magic cable TV are now in charge and refuse to make the change from their beloved cable to Internet based TV.

But times are changing and they won't wait for anyone. The guy who does not want to lose control over the Television value chain must realize that he is getting something much better in return. He is getting free reign over a medium that does not have nearly as many barriers to business as the brick and mortar world. Pure capitalism is great!