When I was growing up I had a fascination with bb guns. What could be better than blowing stuff up when you are 12? I had a Daisy semi automatic bb pistol that was powered by a CO2 cartridge. It had an 8 shot clip and was fairly clunky. I remember taking it out to the lake and trying to shoot carp with it. I don't think I ever actually hit one.

There were not many bb gun choices when I was growing up. You had your single shot Crosman air rifles and your semi auto air pistols and that was about it. Fast forward 20 years later and boy have things changed.

I saw a video of the EAA Drozd bb machine gun and I knew I must aquire one. This thing was basically a machine gun that ran off CO2. It looked awesome.

I ordered one and a few days later it arrived. I was like a kid at Christmas. I loaded the 30 round bb magazine, popped in some CO2, inserted the AA batteries that powered the fire control and I was ready. I grabbed some fruit, eggs, glass and whatever else I could find and set up a make shift range in my backyard.

I lined up the sights and squeezed off the my first 6 round burst. The sweet sound of gunfire filled the air and I watched the targets down range disengrate. I can tell you it brought a huge smile to my face.

A couple years later the same company introduced a new version of the Drozd with improvements of course. This monster used a 400 round bb resevoir that was electronically fed and made my 30 round mag seem, well, wimpy. I guess I know what I want for Christmas this year.

The following story illustrates how the airgun industry has evolved over the last 20 years. The airgun market had been stagnant until companies like Crosman, Gamo and Umarex started to really introduce new and better technology to the market. You can now find replica air pistols of real firearms such as the Colt 1911 and Beretta 92F that feel and look like the real thing. Umarex makes some of the best ar pistols and they are produced in Germany in the same factory where Walther firearms are made.

Crosman, a few years back, intorduced the 88 gram CO2 cartridge and it has really improved the effectiveness of CO2 powered pellet guns. They now shoot harder and longer than before. If you are a shooter and haven't looked at pellet guns since you were a kid you might want to take another look. You will be suprised at what's out there.