Black dresses have been on the red carpet every year, and every woman needs a black dress of their own by finding the right dress for them that can be changed and updated. Throughout history, black dresses were for the mourning wives, but nowadays, they have turned into a fashion statement. One needs to find the perfect black dress to enhance all the curves the body has to offer, or, conceals where it needs to. It has to be a little on the plain side, one doesn't want to find one that is frilly, when frilly is out of style, or layered when sleek is in style. One might want to stay away from the Hepburn look of the long elegant gown, unless they are looking only for an evening outfit.

Changes in accessories colors, styles and textures are continuous. Having the black dress as a palette, the art begins with the additional touches. If gold is in style for chains and belts, then it can be adorned with the gold chain. Scarves add colors around the face, the waist, and have been seen in the past wrapped around the neck and tucked into a shirt or a dress, giving the impression of a turtle neck. Shirts and blouses layered under the dress will provide one with different looks, making the dress look like it has been a recent purchased new item. Adding a shirt over the dress, gives the impression that the dress is a skirt. Celebrities always wear black, take the tips from them.

Caring for black fabric can be tricky. The last thing you want is to have it fade and look grey or washed out. Wash in cold water with a very mild detergent. Dry in the dryer, set on a low temperature, and set the timer for about half the time one would think of being a normal drying time. This minimizes how long the dress is exposed to the heat, and it can be closer monitored to keep from over drying. A tip that works if one would get a spot on a black dress, is use a black permanent marker to cover the area, most of the time, it will conceal the unwanted spot.

Women of the past have had their own famous black dress, including Betty Boop, now is time to start ones own history, with their own perfect black dress.