In the past, self publishing has been a financial nightmare. Now that technology has caught up a bit, though, it couldn't be easier. That's why so many people are jumping on the digitally printed self-published book bandwagon. In the digital age, peple can use POD (print-on-demand) to get their written creations out into the world in no time at all.

Traditional Trouble:

The traditional trouble with self-publishing has always been the costs involved. Unfortunately, printers had to offset their costs. That meant that authors who were self-publishing often had to order hundreds or thousands of copies of their book. That was the only way to make the per-boo cost reasonable, but it was a double-edged sword, since it caused most people to be unable to self-publish due to lack of funds.

There were only two ways to get published in the good old days, therefore. You could either try your best to get a big publishing house to accept your manuscript, or you could eat the costs and self-publish. For many would be authors that meant either losing money on each book sale or not bothering to sell their books at all.

The 21st Century Boost:

Luckily, that all changed with the start of the 21st century. Thanks to advances in computer technolgy, the digital book printing era began. Digitally printed self-published books quickly began to take off. There was little or no reason for authors not to publish, since the costs were now so low that books could be printed in small batches, sometimes even individually.

Book Distribution:

It used to be that a new author had to rely on big publishing houses to distribute their books. Now that the Internet has come along, though, there are many ways to self-publish without involving the big publishing houses. In fact, authors can even have a single book printed up, as copies are ordered, rather than doing bulk printings, in many cases.

Printed Photo Albums:

Another big change in the publishing world, thanks to technology, is that people can now make their own photo albums quite easily. There are plenty of software programs out there that are designed to walk them through the step by step process. They can be quickly and professionally printed and distributed at a low costs, just as regular books can be.

So, with all of the great technological advancements, there's beena real explosion in self-publishing using the Internet. The trend shows no signs of slowing down either. Through technology, people are able to preserve family histories, as well as publish novels and it's all thanks to the evolution of the digitally printed Self Publishing.