The Excalibur Hotel In Las Vegas is a Great Value for Families

There are many extravagant hotels to choose from in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Every hotel in Vegas has it’s own  to theme which is always pushed to the limit from the room stylings to the outdoor landscape.  Recently, I had  the opportunity to visit this exciting city and I stayed at Excalibur Hotel.  This Medieval-themed hotel has many accommodations and attractions with few negatives.



            The Excalibur hotel is visually appealing from the outside.  The main entrance from the Las Vegas strip has people movers to usher guests inside the hotel quickly and efficiently.  Inside is another story.  If you are into the King Arthur type atmosphere and like dim lit places, you’re in heaven.  The interior of the hotel seems run down and needs updating.  The air quality inside the casino is pleasant compared to any casino in the downtown area located away from the strip. 

            The prices at Excalibur are what drive people and their families to stay there.  They have some of the lowest rates per night on the strip, probably because it seems outdated.  Everywhere you look there are kids.  Parents love Excalibur because it seems to be catered towards children.  The whole medieval theme just seems childish to me. 

            There aren’t many people gambling at this casino during the day.  The reason for this is probably because everyone is at other places along the strip.  Again, the interior or the hotel isn’t very appealing.  From kids running around to men walking around in tights and funny hats playing songs, I would not like to spend my time here if I was an adult.  At night, it is a whole different story.  People are everywhere!  Compared to other casinos, Excalibur seems to be fairly louder.  My hypothesis on this reasoning is that adults walk around and spend time with their kids in the day time, and gamble at night.


Hotel Layout:

            Excalibur hotel is huge!  The floor plan for the casino is confusing at first, but once learned it is a lot more comfortable.  The hotel rooms are located in tower one or tower two with each having about 2,000 vacancies.   The feature I liked best about the rooms would have to be the security guard in front of the entrance to the elevators.  You could not get into the elevator without showing the guard your room key.  I felt like this was a great safety precaution and every hotel should have someone checking room keys. 

            Shopping is offered, with about 20 different stores located on the second floor.  There is also a variety of foods to be had in the food court.  The food court consists of McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme donuts, Quizno’s Subs, a coffee shop, and five sit down restaurants.  There is also a huge buffet offering foods that everyone would like.  If value is your main concern, McDonald’s would be your best bet.  Prices at McDonalds are the same as every other. 

            Excalibur is located in a great spot along the strip.  The hotel itself is connected to MGM, New York New York, Luxor, and Mandalay bay.  They are all a short distance away, and can either be reached by a tram or by walking across bridges.  Excalibur is also just a five minute walk away from the M&M factory and Coca-Cola factory.  When walking along the sidewalk on the strip, my advice for you would be to not pick up any papers from the floor or take any handouts from people.  I say this because unless you would like Strippers Direct 4 You at your door, stay away from the free handouts.



            The majority of adults that visit Vegas are there to gamble.  Excalibur has no shortage of that.  There are an abundance of slot machines ranging from five cents a spin to one hundred dollars a spin.  If slots aren’t your game, then they have every variation of poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. 

            Excalibur has free shows daily near the food court.  I felt as though they were catered towards kids.  One of the main attractions would be Tournament of Kings.  Tournament of Kings shows nightly.  This is a great show and I would recommend it to all ages.  It is action packed with sword fighting and jousting.  Also, the show includes a full dinner while you watch.  Dinner is served without utensils so you have to eat with your hands.

            If lying out by the pool and swimming are your main concerns, Excalibur is great.  There are gigantic pools to accommodate everyone, with water slides leading to each one.  Towels are provided at the pool so you don’t have to ask room service for them.  There are many lounge chairs to comfortably sit in.  Again, there are many kids at this hotel and it is displayed at the pool area.  The first pool is usually where parents take their kids to play and the second pool is quieter for the older crowd. 

            Lastly, Excalibur offers Fantasy Faire midway under the casino.  This is where they have arcades and carnival style games.  If you have kids with you, this is the place where you will be spending most of your time at.  Games are fairly priced compared to Gameworks, which is solely based on arcade games.  There are many prizes to be won, either by winning tickets from arcade games or carnival game booths.  Fantasy Faire had security guards everywhere and makes it a safe place for everyone.



            Excalibur hotel is affordable.  It is affordable for a few reasons: it looks like a giant castle, seems run down and needs revamping, and has an abundance of rooms available.  But, if you can see past these traits, it is a great hotel.  It offers something for all ages to enjoy.  If you still can’t get past staying in a castle, remember, it is cheap and most time won’t be spent in the hotel room itself.  Excalibur is also a short walk from the Las Vegas strip where more excitement awaits.