Sylvester Stalone, Arnold, Bruce Willis, even the unstoppable force which is Chuck Norris. The Expendables Two comes out later this year and all these action juggernauts of yesterday and today will be in it and then some. Still when Stalone set out to make these movies, he had to know that he was up against an impossible task in some ways. With so many incredible action stars over the years, you're bound to miss a few. Well, we're going to take a look at some of the greats which haven't made it into the allstar lineup as of yet and maybe if Mr. Stalone happens by this list, it may even give him an idea or two. I'm just going to list off some names and a short reason why each of them would be awesome to have in an Expendables moive. Here we go....

Jackie Chan

Here's an obvious choice if ever there was one. Some may feel that with Jet Li already on board, it's kind of unnecesary to have Jackie to though. While the two stars are similar in some ways, there are differences in both fighting and acting styles too. If they want Jackie, I think they better hurry though. He's already a bit older in actual years than Jet, but all the damage Jackie's body has taken over the years from doing all his own stunts has taken a huge toll. I doubt Jackie will be able to do these types of movies much longer. That may be one of the reasons his more recent roles have been either behind the camera more or at the very least, less physically demanding.

Wesley Snipes

I'm not sure, but I think I heard something about Wesley being offered a role in the first one at some point. I'm also not sure if he's still behind bars at this point or not. Regardless of his legal problems, Wesley Snipes is a very skilled martial artist and an action star with a lot of history. He'd make a fine addition in my opinion.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

They've already had Stone Cold Steve Austin in one movie, why not the Rock? I always liked the Rock more anyway. And he's a better actor in my opinion. His career seems to be heating up again right now. He's actually part of the reason I find myself looking forward to the GI Joe sequel. Get him while he's hot.

Lou Ferigno

The original on screen incredible Hulk is still huge today. He never really blew up in movies like his some times rival, Arnold, but Lou has a huge fan base and would be good for at least a cool cameo.

Ray Park

Another reason to want to see the new GI Joe movie.... Let's do the list. Ray Park has played Darth Maul in Star Wars, Toad in the Xmen, and Snake Eyes in GI Joe. He's good. Let's have him get into a sword fight for some silly reason with Wesley. It would be epic.

Tony Jaa

This guy is still new compared to most on the list. I doubt he'll ever reach the level of stardom of say Jackie or Jet, but he's one of the first to bring Muay Tai to the big screen and he's pretty darn good at it from what I've seen and heard. He'd definitely bring a level of excitement to the movie.

Liam Neesan

Forget his part in Star Wars, The Ateam, and even his most recent movie with the wolves and all that. All you need to do is watch Taken. Put him in some kind of leadership role whether it be for the good guys or the bad guys and you can't go wrong.

Matt Damon

Calling Mr. Bourne.

Steven Seagal

Rumor has it that Mr. Seagal was offered a part in at least one of the Expendables movies and turned it down, because of someone whom he had had bad dealings with in the past being involved in the picture. I don't know all the details, but it sure would be nice to get him on board with one of these. It may be in his best interest to drop a few pounds though. Although Steven is convincing even when he's a little on the hefty side, let's be honest. His most awesome fight scenes were when he could still move around fast enough to make his opponents seem to impale themselves without the aid of freeze frame shots.

Mr. T

Just because it would be another opportunity for a really good cameo. Maybe put him in a role similar to Micky Rourke's in the first one where he's kind of an expendables member from years gone by, but no longer active.

Tom Cruise

With all the different movies he's been in, I some times forget that Tom Cruise has done his fair share of action. The mission impossible movies alone should qualify him for some kind of role.

Antonio Banderas

Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, The Mask Of Zorro. If I need to keep going, you obviously haven't seen any of those movies. Antonio may not be a physically imposing as some others, but he makes up for it with skill and attitude.

Salma Hayek

Several reasons for this: First, we need some hotness in the movie and Salma is still smokin' hot. Also, she's been in several action movies herself and she has had such great chemistry with Antonio in the past, that it would just be cool to see the two of them together again in this type of movie one more time.

Kate Beckinsale

The Underworld movies and the lesser known Vanhellsing are excellent examples of Kate's versatility and physicality for action roles. Plus, she looks pretty good in form fitting clothing....

Milla Jovovich

Forget the Resident Evil movies. This Chic has attitude, acting ability, martial arts training, flexibility, AND she's still hot! The Fifth Element and Ultraviolet (I don't care what anybody else thinks. She was awesome in that.) are enough to earn her a spot as the most a$$ kicking female on set.

Lorenzo Lamas

Lorenzo hasn't seen all that much critical succes since the end of his Renegad tv series in the 90s which really makes him a perfect fit for one of these movies. He was really bad a$$ back in the day. Just looking at Renegade, you see him riding his harley, talking cool, shooting guns, and doing roundhouse kicks. I'm surprised we haven't seen him already.