Playing "Ghost in the Graveyard" or Soldiers has never been more fun with the EyeClops Night vision Goggles. The new EyeClops Night Vision Goggles from Jakks Pacific, feature a completely remodelled form and also several advancements over the primary model. The new night vision goggle toy makes a fantastic gift for young secret agents who really love nature or love going on outdoor adventures. The nocturnal world will be revealed quite literally like nothing they have experienced before, as they will be able to see in the dark as if it were broad daylight!

While you could be forgiven for initially questioning that a toy could replicate the nighttime viewing powers of infrared night vision that the police and military have, you should know that the Jakks EyeClops Night vision Infrared Stealth Goggles really work. In fact, with these amazing Goggles by Jakks Pacific, you can see physical objects up to 50 feet away in the distance. This fabulous range can be virtually doubled when used in conjunction with a torch and an IR filter.

The second version of the EyeClops goggles, differs from version 1 in that it's packaged in the form of hand-held eye-glasses, so the head-set slipping out of position or an improper fit is no longer a need for worry. The inadvertant slippage of the night vision goggles will never leave your child's vision blocked (or your own as you'll inevitably "need" to try them on yourself). The binoculars can be picked up and operated far more easily and quickly than the former head set version.

The EyeClops Infrared Goggles offers good visibility and projects an image that is fittingly sharp, but it can prove dangerous when running and moving around with the device due to the lack of depth perception. The manufacturer advocates an adult overseer for kids using the EyeClops Night Vision Glasses to alert the child of potential hazardous objects in the vicinity.

It is also prudent to note that the EyeClops Eye Clops Night Vision Goggles are a bit on the hefty side. 1.8 pounds might weigh down youngsters. Then again, the added weight is worth it as rather a lot of high-tech goodness is compacted into those 1.8 pounds! The EyeClops Eye Clops have dimensions: 12x 12x 4 inches The Goggles also takes 5x AA batteries.

It can take a little while to adapt your sight to get both eyes focused just like with regular goggles, but not too long. Your kids will see the nighttime world become vibrantly illuminated, observing critters or insects, or will enjoy running "under cover missions". In summary, the EyeClops Night vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars 2.0 are an outstanding Christmas present for youngsters over eight, though you may find yourself buying an additional pair for yourself!