One benefit of wearing these dresses is that you can have a simple but still sophisticated look and you don’t have to worry about any complex buttons or zippers with an eyelet dress. When you wear an eyelet dress, you get attention from others and you’re wearing a dress that’s timeless and flattering to your figure.

Here is how you can accessorize your eyelet dress. I like to wear long necklaces and bangles along with some silver hoops and gold hoops with my such dresses. As for sweaters, you can wear a nice cardigan over the eyelet dress if it’s chilly outside. You can also wear wedge shoes or heels with the eyelet dress. If you need additional help in how to accessorize your eyelet dress, you can look at fashion magazines or talk with friends who wear a lot of them.

Because so many eyelet dresses can be found at any store, you can find one that’s affordable. Many retailers carry discounts on these dresses and you’ll be able to buy the eyelet dresses in bulk. This is why they are so budget-friendly and stylish. When you wear a beautiful and well-designed eyelet dress, people wont ask how much you paid for it because eyelet dress doesn’t look cheap.

If you wear such a dress, you want to shave your legs and have manicured toenails, particularly if you wear a shorter eyelet dress. This is because when you wear the eyelet dress with hairy legs and bad-looking toenails, it takes away from the overall style. It’s also important to moisturize your legs before putting on the eyelet dress.

The eyelet dress can be worn on all occasions and at any time of the day. It is free-flowing on the body and gives you a feminine but flirty look. It is also a timeless dress and it’s why many women like it. They will never goes out of style and it’s a dress that symbolizes class and simplicity. The eyelet dress comes in beautiful colors and designs and they make the dress in various sizes so the eyelet dress works for every figure. You should have at least three of these dresses in your closet for the days when you go to special events.

Choosing An Eyelet Dress


When you choose an eyelet dress, think about your figure because you want to feel comfortable in it. Before choosing the  dress, you should always try it on. If it fits too loose around the sleeve, top and waist area, then you’ll need a smaller size. If the eyelet dress fits too small or tight, then you need a larger size.

You should also choose an eyelet dress that fits your personality. If you think the white eyelet dress looks too boring, choose a dress that has bold patterns and designs. For example, if you love the color red and you don’t own a red dress, this would be a good time to choose a red  dress. If you’re tired of wearing babydoll dresses to parties and your friends say you need to switch up your look, make a bold statement with a neon-colored dress with sequins. Don’t choose an eyelet dress in a color that you have too much of at home. In my case I have plenty of brown-colored clothing so I wouldn’t choose a brown version of this  dress.

When you choose an eyelet dress, inspect it for any marks, stains or missing buttons. This should especially be done when you buy thedress on sale. What some retailers don’t tell customers is that they sometimes sell defected items on sale as a way to get rid of them without losing revenue. I know relatives who worked in retail so that’s how I found out about this secret. So you want to look over the  dress before choosing it. The last thing you want is an eyelet dress with missing zippers or buttons.

Choosing a good eyelet dress can be overwhelming if you don’t like to shop for clothes. In this case you should research different manufacturers of eyelet dresses to determine which one offers the best quality. You can do this by reading some online blogs by fashion experts or asking fashion-conscious friends.

If you’re choosing an eyelet dress for a casual event, look for a dress  that’s not too fancy-looking because you don’t want to look overly dressed. For example, if you’re attending an art exhibit, a mid-length dress without the fancy decorations on it would work well. Or if you’re going to the grocery store, you can wear a casual eyelet dress for this occasion.

When choosing an eyelet dress for your little girl, you should choose one that’s long in length but beautiful at the same time. A good dress for your girl would be a long pink and white dress with nice ruffles and floral patterns on it.


What To Wear With An Eyelet Dress


Your choice of shoes is important when wearing an eyelet dress and as for what to wear with it, you should wear heels, decorative flats or wedges with the  dress. I personally like to wear wedges with such dresses because they make me look taller in them. Tennis shoes are a poor choice with them because they make you look too casual in it. When you look for shoes to wear with an eyelet dress, look for shoes that fit your feet well because when you wear shoes with them that are too tight, you run the risk of getting hammertoes.

Shawls, cardigans and boleros are great items to wear with an eyelet dress. These jackets cover you up on chilly nights and they accessorize them well. If you have a black eyelet dress, choose a white or gray bolero jacket to wear over it. Or if you’re wearing a green eyelet dress, put on a silver cardigan with the eyelet dress for extra flair. You can also wear a fancy shawl with it as well.

As for earrings, pearl earrings are nice to wear with an eyelet dress because pearl earrings symbolize class and elegance. You can wear pearl stud earrings or pearl hoop earrings with them as well. Another type of earrings to wear with an eyelet dress are gemstone earrings. If you’re wearing a gold dress, choose some ruby or sapphire earrings to balance out the gold in the  dress.

These days not many women are wearing thick pantyhose with dresses and this is a no-no when you wear your dress. Instead, wear some colored or plain black leggings with your eyelet dress. If you’re wearing a formal dress, some sheer stockings would work.

Another thing to wear with an eyelet dress is some bangles and necklaces. Bangles and necklaces are great with them because they add pizzazz to solid-colored dresses and they add a funky look to the outfit. Bangles and necklaces can be found at most jewelry stores, flea markets and even thrift stores. Choose bangles and earrings that complement the color of the eyelet dress.

You can’t successfully rock your beautiful eyelet dress without the nice purse. Your choice of purse to wear with an eyelet dress depends on your style and budget. Some women wear medium-sized handbags while other women choose to wear clutches or strappy purses with these dresses.