Deshedding your animals with the FURminator

Many people that care for their pets are always trying to find the best pet grooming brush or tool on the market. This is an easy question to answer or to point someone in the right direction. The FURminator deshedding tool works the best with any size dog or cat. It can easily take on the task of de-shedding your pet of all the left over, nasty hair that you and they want gone from their coats.

The FURminator Deshedding Tool

This tool, or brush is innovative by how effective it is with all types of household cats and dogs. The FURminatorFURminator for Large Animals  comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. The small brush starts at 1.75in and is used primarily for short-haired cats and smaller dogs. You can also use it for young puppies and kittens as well. The medium-sized brush is used for mid-sized dogs and longhaired cats. The large size, which is 4in big will be can be used on large longhaired cats, but mostly it will groom large animals like Golden Retrievers and other large dog breeds.

Why is the FURminator Deshedding Tool so Great?

It is the best pet grooming tool on the market because it helps decrease shedding by up to 90 percent. On top of that staggering number you only need to use it every 4 weeks. The groomingUsing the FURminator brush is designed to pull all the dead fur and dander off of the topcoat, but the threads on the brush head comb deep enough that it pulls out the undercoat hair that is about to become loose and dead. You will see an immediate improvement on your pet’s topcoat and undercoat, as it will become shiny and healthy.

Reducing Hairballs and Allergies

Veterinarians recommend the FURminator deshedding tool because it does essential things like makes your pet’s coat shiny and healthy, but it also helps people with bad allergies. With the additional fur and dandruff that you will be taking off of your pet, this means that you will have a cleaner environment to live in your house. The FURminator deshedding tool does the job so wellCat FURminator Brushing that you will hardly notice any cat or dog hair on your clothes or furniture.

The FURminator deshedding tool is also great at helping cats reduce hairballs. Since the grooming tool takes up to 90% of the dead fur that is just sitting there, when cats go to clean themselves it will take less time and they will ingest less fur. This makes your cat’s digestive system stayFURminator Dog cleaner longer allowing them to not have to deal with painful hairballs.

Your pet will love the FURminator deshedding tool as much as their favorite chew toy or scratching post, but if for some reason they are hesitant to allow you to brush them you should incorporate a treat when you try grooming them. That way every time you want to brush them, your dog or cat will fully enjoy the experience will while making their coat shiny and healthier.