Fish is a fabulous healing food. It's rich in omega-3, fatty acids EPA and DPA, better known as fish oil. Fish oil stops hormonal substances prostaglandins and leukotrienes from over active dangerous signals to cells that cause major blood clotting, inflammation and other severe immune problems.

Fish and it's omega-3 oils prevent heart disease, by blocking artery-narrowing plaque that slows circulation. This plaque can constrict arteries and blood vessels and can stop the heart. The plaque can also cause blood platelets to become sticky, and can lead to a stroke.

Scientist believe cancer growth is regulated by prostaglandins. Studies done with animals show that slowing their overproduction of this hormone can reduce breast, pancreas, lung, prostate, and colon cancers. Research shows Japanese and Eskimo women, who eat a seafood rich diet, have very low rates of breast cancer.

Another fabulous fish food fact is tyrosine, a protein in fish that energizes your mind making you feel more alert. Tyrosine gets your brain pumping, it produces more brain-stimulating norepinephrine and dopamine, increasing them to a higher level. If you have a big test coming up, and you need your mind working at full force. Then the best advice would be to eat broiled or grilled fish for lunch or dinner.

Eating Fish can greatly benefit your health. Here are some other important health facts on the healing properties of fish. Below are twelve good reasons to add fish to your diet.

  1. Thins the blood
  2. Lowers bad LDL
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Lessons symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Reduces risk of Lupus
  6. Relieves migraine headaches
  7. Acts as a anti-inflammatory agent
  8. Regulates the immune system
  9. Helps alleviate symptoms of endometriosis
  10. Relieves asthma
  11. Combats early kidney disease
  12. Increases mental energy