While many individuals may be accustomed to seeing a variety of pictures of chickenpox effectively localized to a young child or adult's face, unfortunately, chickenpox is a systemic disease that reaches far beyond an affected individuals 'face', so to speak. In fact, the chickenpox virus typically manifests itself as a reddened area, or a series of reddened areas, that are centralized to an infected person's thoracic core region, which includes their abdomen, back and chest. As the disease progresses, it does frequently spread to one's extremities and face.

Even still, the commonality of chickenpox has helped to alleviate some fears, although it is completely understandable for a young child's parents to be at least a little concerned. This concern may be deep-rooted in their reaction to pictures of chickenpox that portray it as an absolutely horrible disease that is seemingly equivalent to other diseases that are simply worse in nature and progression. Because so many people have had chickenpox, in many ways it is actually and expected. To take this point further, some may even welcome its occurrence as early as possible, so as to spare their child from experiencing it when symptoms are drastically worse as an adult.

While there are possibilities that one's body may succumb to secondary type infections, in most cases, chickenpox typically runs its course with very little traumatic experiences. In fact, if proper care is given to help alleviate the signs and symptoms of a child's chickenpox progression, they may actually go with very little discomfort or urge to itch. Traditionally, calamine lotion, also known as caladryl, is used to help alleviate one's urge to itch, which, unfortunately, could lead to impaired skin integrity if done in excess.

Overall, chickenpox isn't a disease to be afraid, but, rather, it is actually a natural part of many individual's lives. While the many pictures of chickenpox available on the internet portray it in a horrible fashion, if one is able to adhere to proper hand washing techniques and contact precautions, chickenpox can run its course with very little concern.

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