Peacock bass fishing is popular in southern Florida. Down in southern Florida the bass get bigger as do other fish including brim which are really good fighting fish especially when you consider them pound for pound against other fish. When I think of good fresh water fighting fish I have to include bluegill (brim) or small mouth bass. They fight the lure and dive into the water to give you some great fresh water action. After doing some research I found that peacock bass were another of the best fighting fish so I decided to find out some information about peacock bass fishing.

From my research, the first thing I found out was that the peacock bass is actually not a bass even though it strongly resembles a large mouth bass in size and shape. The peacock bass was introduced to southern Florida in 1984 from the waters of the Amazon. Peacock Bass Fishing(80568)It is brightly colored with shades of green, orange and yellow. 

Peacock bass are very aggressive and have been called the world's greatest gamefish. The record catch for Peacock bass in Florida is 9.1 pounds and worldwide is 12 pounds 6 ounces which was a great record fish caught in Venezuela.

You can use the same lures for peacock bass fishing as you would for small or large mouth bass. The fishing techniques for Peacock bass are very similar to largemouth bass except the lures should be retrieved a little faster. When peacock bass fishing in the warm canal waters of Florida, look for structure whenever possible. What's nice is that on really sunny and bright days when largemouth bass are looking for deep cover, peacock bass are active and looking for a good fight.

If you go peacock bass fishing and have one of these big ones hit, you'll certainly feel the pressure on your rod and the strength of the fish as he fights your reeling. I remember many times driving to the Florida Keys we would always drive along I-75 across the state where we would see many fisherman and alligators along the side of the canal. I never realized that while driving along that canal that I was passing up some great fresh water peacock bass fishing action. That is one of the reasons I like to bring along a retractable fishing rod so it is always available. Many of those fishermen were fishing for Butterfly and Speckled Peacock Bass. Those fierce fighters can be caught at the lakes of the Miami airport or any of the many canals around southern Florida. If you get the opportunity to do some peacock bass fishing in southern Florida, it will be a fishing trip to remember.