Family Cruising

Everyone can afford this exciting venue of travel


There is an old saying that goes like this:  “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  I’m sure you’ve heard it before and truthfully it is as true today as it was when it was penned years ago.

So what could make momma happy?  Well, might I suggest to you that perhaps it’s time to take your first family cruise?  I guarantee that momma is going to get happy real fast if you take her on a cruise.

The price of a cruise today compared to a trip on land is far more economical than what you might expect.  And the lack of stress alone can make the entire trip worth it.  No worrying about traffic.  No worrying about finding a motel that you can afford… you have kids and they’re not going to be very happy sleeping on a pull-out bed while you enjoy the “real” bed.  What better way to get rid of all the stress involved in driving, waiting, paying tolls, hearing “are we there yet?” etc.  Nope, cruising takes all of those concerns and tosses them right out the window.

When was the last time you hit a golf ball so far that you lost track of it (and not because it went into the rough.)  And when was the last time you were invited to a formal dinner hosted by someone you’ve never even met?  How long has it been since you were able to allow your kids to enjoy an entire day at the pool without fearing that they would be abducted by a stranger lurking in the bushes nearby?

How long has it been since you got up in the morning, showered, dressed and went to breakfast without having to worry about making the bed, picking up the towels and doing dishes after breakfast was finished?  Have you ever come home to find that your house has been cleaned, the dishes are done, the bed is made and there’s even a little piece of fine chocolate on your pillow.  Now how special is that?

Should I even mention the parties, dances, 24/7 food available or gasp… the casinos?  And should I note that your cruise is all inclusive?

Ports of call are calling your name.  Take the little side trips and enjoy the local flavor of the area you are visiting.  Of course you’ll want to buy a few items to take home with you.  That’s okay because prices are so low you’ll be able to afford most anything you want.  If you don’t want to shop that’s okay too.  Just lie on the beach and work on your tan.  Some cruise lines even own their own private islands so you are ensured privacy while paying nothing extra for this delightful way of spending your day.

Are you convinced yet?  Is momma happy just reading the material you’ve brought home from your local travel agency?  If she is happy with that just imagine how happy she’ll be when you actually book the cruise and enjoy your very first (but certainly not your last) family cruise.

Cruising with your family will become your vacation of choice.  You’ll enjoy it, the kids will love it and momma is going to be happy for a very long time.  I guarantee it.