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I joined Info Barrel in the beginning of October 2010 and it already feels like a home to me. As with joining any new online community, I was quite tentative and nervous and wondering what I could expect from the other members I found there. I got to work straight away writing my first article and even though I truly didn't have any clue what I was doing, I didn't want to ask too many questions because I figured they would be met with criticism and disdain from the more experienced writers, so I just plugged away not knowing if I was doing the right thing or not. Sooner that I would have liked, however, I ran into an issue that I needed answers for and I knew I would have to venture into the forum and alert the rest of the writers to my presence. I created my post and asked my question, but I didn't truly expect a prompt answer or even an answer at all! I was quite surprised when, within 30 minutes of posting my query, I had several answers. The replies that I got were not only helpful, but they were given in a friendly and helpful manner with the offer to ask any questions I wished. The other members of Info Barrel are so helpful and inviting that you quickly feel as if you have made 10 new friends! Even the owners and administrators of Info Barrel are often in the forum, answering the most mundane questions from their members. I have never experienced an online community where the owners and administrators are so active and care so much about the success and happiness of their writers!

You will often see the same questions asked over and over as new members join the community and are looking for help, but it doesn't matter how often a question is asked, it is always answered with the same helpful attitude. Your fellow writers truly want you to have success and make as much money as possible with your writing. Each person you have the chance to interact with in the forum will exude the sense of community because when the individual writers do well, the whole community benefits from their success. Chances are, that if you are a member of other online writing communities, you may have felt the "stink eye" from the other writers as they wish you ill will because their only goal is to do better than you and see you struggle so that they look better. On Info Barrel, you won't have to worry about feeling that sort of stress.

As far as the mechanics of the site itself, it is very user friendly. If you want to write an article, you need only to click on the "create" link at the top of the page and it will take you through writing your first article in an easy step-by-step manner. Info Barrel makes it easy to add tags, pictures, and unique signatures to your articles. To begin with, you will join with a probationary status in which your first 10 articles will be reviewed before they are approved and published. Once you publish your first 10 articles with minimal denials for use of incorrect grammar or guideline violations, you will be awarded pre-approved status. Once you achieve pre-approved status, your articles will go live as soon as you publish them without having to wait for approval and then your earnings can really take off!

The way you make money on Info Barrel is by signing up for accounts with Chitika, Amazon Associates and Google Adsense accounts and then placing the codes each of these accounts give you into your Info Barrel profile. Each of these sites will then place subject-relevant advertisements alongside you article and when the reader clicks on these ads, you earn a portion of the revenue from the companies that own the ad! It may sound complicated at first, but it's really quite easy to start earning money with these sites.

Don't be discouraged because you don't make a ton of money right away because it takes some time for your articles to "mature" and for the search engines to start bringing your articles up when people search your keywords. Too many people put in a lot of hard work and bang out 20 great articles but then never come back because they aren't seeing the earnings they had expected to find and a great opportunity is lost because they weren't patient enough to stick with it. While this type of earning may be called, "passive income," there is really nothing passive about it. You will spend a lot of time, not only writing, but getting the links to your articles out on the internet and linking all of your articles together so that they are easy to find for your readers. If you come to Info Barrel with determination, patience and a little bit of writing skill, you can make some great money to supplement whatever income you already earn.

Writing on Info Barrel is not only an awesome creative outlet, but you will make friends and earn money too and what's better than that? Nothing! So click my link to the right at the top of the page in my author information box and get started at Info Barrel today!