The Famous Five


The Famous Five is a series of 21 children’s books by Enid Blyton, originally published between 1942 – 1963.  They consist of four children and a dog, and each story consists of them getting involved in an adventure during their school holidays.


The Main Characters

  • Julian is the eldest child and is the brother of Dick and Anne and cousin to George.  He is intelligent and strong and is usually the group leader, often making Anne stay behind when he considers events to be too dangerous for her to be involved in.
  • Dick is younger than Julian and older than Anne, and is the same age as George.  He has a good sense of humour and likes to cheer the others up when they need it.
  • Anne is the youngest of the children.  She gets scared easily and doesn’t take part in as much of the adventures as the others, preferring to stay behind and look after the cooking and cleaning during their camping holidays.
  • George is short for Georgina, but she hates being called that and likes it when people mistake her for a boy.  She is stubborn and has a bad temper, but is extremely loyal to her cousins and Timmy.
  • Timmy or Timothy or Tim is George’s dog, who helps them during their adventures, often when chasing bad guys.
  • Aunt Fanny is George’s mother.
  • Uncle Quentin is George’s father and is married to Aunt Fanny.  He is a scientist who dislikes children and passed on his temper to George.


The Books


  1. 1.      Five on a Treasure Island tells the story of the five meeting when Julian, Dick and Anne spend the school holidays with George.  George tells the other about Kirrin Island, which has been passed through her family to her, and a nearby shipwreck which they later explore looking for gold.
  2. 2.      Five Go Adventuring Again occurs in the Christmas holidays, where the children have a tutor so they can catch up on work they missed while ill.  While exploring a farmhouse they find instructions to a secret passage, which they later discover.
  3. 3.      Five Run Away Together sees the children being left with the cook after Aunt Fanny becomes ill.  After she tries to poison Timmy, the children decide to run away to Kirrin Island, where they find evidence of a kidnapping.
  4. 4.      Five Go To Smuggler’s Top involves a stay with one of Uncle Quentin’s friend, after a tree is blown down at their house.  When Uncle Quentin goes missing, along with his friend’s step-son, the children investigate.
  5. 5.      Five Go Off in a Caravan tells the story of the children’s holiday in a caravan.  They end up staying near a circus, where they become suspicious about some of their activities.
  6. 6.      Five on Kirrin Island Again sees the children’s plans to explore the island come to a halt due to Uncle Quentin’s decision to use it for his work, so they ask him to signal to them using lights each day, so they know that he is safe.  After receiving an incorrect signal, George goes to the island to investigate.
  7. 7.      Five Go Off to Camp involves the children going camping with one of the teachers from Julian and Dick’s school.  They soon make friends with a local boy, and learn about the disused train tracks in the area, as well as rumours of trains that still run on them.
  8. 8.      Five Get into Trouble sees Dick being kidnapped after being mistaken in the dark for a boy called Richard, with the kidnappers believing that his name is short for the Richard they are looking for.  After the other children realise what has happened, they go in search of Dick.
  9. 9.      Five Fall Into Adventure has the children left alone with the cook.  They encounter a girl who they initially mistake for a boy, who George does not like, and after Uncle Quentin’s study is broken into, George and Timmy disappear.

10. Five on a Hike Together takes place during a weekend away from school.  The children go hiking and end up splitting up, with each pair being separated from the other.  Dick receives a mysterious message during the night, which the five investigate.

11. Five Have a Wonderful Time involves the children going on holiday in a caravan, where they find people creeping about at night, a circus and a face at the window of a castle.

12. Five Go Down to the Sea has the children going to stay on a farm in Cornwall.  They are told about how ships used to be lured to the rocks near the shore, and discover that lights are being shone at night to direct ships towards the same rocks.

13. Five Go To Mystery Moor sees the children learn about travellers on Mystery Moor.  After being told more about the story of the moors, the children decide to camp there, despite the warnings of heavy and sudden mists descending.

14. Five Have Plenty of Fun involves the children being joined by an American girl who is hiding from kidnappers with her dog.  They discover that the kidnappers are spying on them from Kirrin Island, and while the American girl is sent away, George goes missing.

15. Five On a Secret Trail tells the story of George going to camp on the common after Timmy has to wear a cardboard collar that everyone else laughs at.  Anne joins her and they meet the son of an archaeologist who has been digging nearby.  Seeking shelter from a storm in a ruined cottage, Anne sees some people in dark, but isn’t believed at first.

16. Five Go to Billycock Hill has the children camping near the farm of a boy from Julian and Dick’s school.  The boy’s cousin flies an army aircraft away one night, which is full of secrets, and is accused of being a traitor.

17. Five Get Into a Fix occurs during the Christmas holidays, where the children are suffering with colds.  To help them recover they are sent to a farm in Wales.  They encounter a shepherd’s daughter, and become interested in a building that is supposed to be abandoned, when they hear noises coming from it during the night.

18. Five On Finniston Farm sees the children visit a farm, where they discover the nearly ruins of a castle.  They know that the dungeons remain, but don’t know where they are, and are not the only people looking.

19. Five Go to Demon’s Rocks involves a stay in a lighthouse with the son of one of Uncle Quentin’s colleagues.  They are told stories of wrecked ships and stolen treasure, and after finding a gold coin they plan to search for the rest of the haul.  Unfortunately, someone is trying to stop them.

20. Five Have a Mystery to Solve sees the children discover statues hidden in crates on Whispering Island, after becoming trapped there when their boat is washed away by the tide.   Anne becomes a ‘tiger’ for a while, showing that there is a temper behind her usual quiet demeanour.

21. Five Are Together Again has another camping trip near a circus, with the same boy they stay with in Five Go to Demon’s Rocks.  Some valuable papers belonging to his scientist father are stolen and the children go in search of them.