It is widely known that the fastest animal in the world is the Cheetah. Cheetah's can reach a phenomenal and unbelievable speed of up to 70 - 75 mph and reach this in around 3 seconds flat, (easily beating a 660 horsepower Ferrari) which makes them the undisputed fastest animal over land. What other contenders are out there capable of reaching such amazing speeds using only their own body to propel themselves?


Other Contenders for Fastest Animal In The World

If we look at fastest possible speed achievable then the actual fastest animal in the world would be the Peregrine Falcon. Not inhibited by the boundaries of land, the Peregrine Falcon is able to reach speeds of up to 242 mph while performing its controlled hunting dive (stoop), but normal level flight flying using just the beats of its own wings the Peregrine Falcon can reach speeds of around 65 mph. The Cheetah remains the fastest with natural propulsion.

When it comes to the fastest ocean dweller in the world we have the Sailfish, these remarkable fish have been recorded reaching speeds of up to 70 mph. 

If we stick to running, coming in behind the Cheetah for second place in the world as the fastest 'land' animal is the Pronghorn Antelope with a top speed of around 60 mph, followed by the Lion, Wildebeest and Thomson's Gazelle all able to reach speeds of up to 50 mph. Must be sometimes frustrating for the lion having its main prey, the wildebeest, having the same exact top speed as it, bet the lion sometimes wishes its top speed was 51 mph.

How does a human fair in all the whole Fastest Animal In The World game? Do we have a shot at something like 'Fastest On Two Legs' maybe? Top olympic sprinters such as Michael Johnson, Donovan Bailey and Usain Bolt have all been recorded at just over 27 mph.

I'm afraid the Ostrich has fastest on two legs well and truly covered with a speed of 45 mph.

Delving into the fastest of the insect world, our champion of flight there is the Giant Darner Dragonfly who has been reported to reach 60 mph. Thats insane when you consider its size.

If you think all these are fast. It brings me to the final contender to the throne. The Tiger Beetle. 


The Fastest Animal In The World


The Tiger Beetle can reach a speed of 5.6 mph, that may not sound very fast until you consider that it is less than half an inch long. Relative to its body length the Tiger Beetle is around 22 times faster than the olympic sprinters I mentioned earlier and considering their speed is over 27 mph! You do the math. If the Tiger Beetle was the size of a human it would be capable of over 600 mph!

For now though the Tiger Beetle seems quite happy being half an inch long so the title of Fastest Animal in the World remains in the paws of the cheetah.

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