Turbine jets are by far the fastest model jets on the market today. In the past they were only available to hardcore enthusiast who would build the plane themselves. But recently they have grown in popularity and have been made available on a commercial level. However, these planes are still extremely expensive to buy and maintain, if you do not have the budget for this then you may want to consider purchasing a cheaper plane like an electric jet.

Before buying a fast model jet with a turbine engine, you will need to realize that this sport is not for beginners. Previous experience flying high speed aircraft is required in order to properly control a turbine model. The slightest mistake can cause your plane to crash obliterating your investment. These RC planes are not cheap either, buying a small gas turbine plane can cost well over one thousand dollars, in addition you will have to pay the costs for the rest of the jet, radio gear, and any other accessories that you may need. Maintaining these planes are also extremely expensive, they usually run off a very expensive kind of fuel and will also need to be cleaned and placed under maintenance regularly.

A standard turbine plane will usually cost around 3000 dollars just for the plane itself. You should also expect to spend hundreds of dollars each year for the fuel costs and maintenance of the plane. This is why it is so important that you have enough flight experience to properly enjoy and control the plane. If you don't have proper experience then the plane may crash which could cost you thousands of dollars. One great way to get RC jet flight training is by flying electric jets first because they are cheaper and much simpler to fly than the turbine ones.

Turbine engines are also extremely complicated and takes experience just to maintain them properly. Because of their high speeds and combustible fuel, some countries or states may have regulations about what types of jets you can fly. These planes will also require a proper runway to take off and land, usually this has to be a smooth and stretch of concrete. With many pusher jets, you can take off and land on your lawn or just about anywhere else that has a flat surface. Taking off is quite simple as well, but you will need to make sure that the jet has enough space to gain speed and altitude.