Weight Loss Tips (22954)

Have you ever tried losing weight? It's a battle many people struggle with every day and it gets harder and harder with all the "magic" weight loss promises we keep getting bombarded with. Many people don't even know how to go about losing weight any more, and sadly many people have given up on even trying.

Losing weight is not some elusive idea that you can't achieve; it is possible and you can do it with a few tried and true weight loss tips and a lot of determination. We all know that any weight loss diet comes down to one thing … consuming fewer calories. This can be difficult when we often don't know which foods are healthy, which foods only contribute to weight gain and even what an appropriate serving size should look like.

We have spent so many years at the hands of marketers and big business, all packing our food supply with horrific chemicals aimed at keeping us coming back for more. Everything we buy needs to be "super-sized" and fast food is a must in our fast-paced life. How do we get out of this trap and learn healthy eating habits? Trust me, it can be done and I know because I've done it. I'm going to show you how to lose weight fast and establish a healthier lifestyle in the process.

Commit to yourself and your goals –

Losing weight is not something you can do for anyone else, no matter how persistent or pushy they are. When you decide to lose weight, do it for yourself! You're the one who will need to do all the work, change your habits, and yes, do without on occasion. You are worth every bit of effort, so make a commitment to yourself to finally lose the weight and enjoy the new you.

Set a Realistic Goal –

There are no magic bullets or miracle weight loss products, if you want quick weight loss, it's up to you to set the goal and do what it takes to achieve it. Don't set an impossible goal, make it something that you'll need to strive for, but make it attainable. If you are not in the habit of working out regularly, it is completely unrealistic to think you'll start off spending 3 hours in the gym everyday. You might want to think about a daily walk of 30 minutes and trying an exercise DVD two or three times a week. That's an excellent start … and it's something you can actually do. Maybe that goal is too high for where you're at today, that's OK too. Adjust your goal to fit you and your needs. As you move closer and closer to your ideal weight, you'll be able to increase your workouts or adjust your weight loss plan accordingly.

When considering your weight loss goals, remember you don't want to lose weight too quickly. Most experts recommend aiming for a weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds per week. This will allow you to lose weight fast, yet insure that it's fat loss and not muscle that your body is burning. I understand the idea of looking at the scale and seeing the number drop, but if it's muscle you're burning, in the long run it's more than weight you'll be losing. Not only will muscle allow you that lean, toned look you're after … it will actually HELP you burn fat. Yes, that's right. Keep the muscle, it's going to help you lose weight and look fit.

Think about when you'll start your weight loss program –

There may not be a perfect time to start a diet, but there are times when it might be better to wait a week or two. If you're under unusual stress, or you have an upcoming event that you know will make it difficult, sometimes the best thing you can do is prepare yourself mentally for the task ahead. You can still watch what you eat and consider it a "warm-up" or training period leading up to your new diet and lifestyle changes. Use this time to prepare yourself and your fridge for the changes you want to implement. Get the junk food out of the house and you won't have to worry about temptation. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with all the healthy choices for your new diet. Get an exercise DVD or enroll in a fitness class or gym membership. Now is the time to be sure you're ready to start off on the right foot.

Choose the right diet for you –

Choose a diet that fits with your lifestyle and is something you can live with. It's important to choose a healthy diet, but it also needs to be one that will fit smoothly into your daily routine and takes your individual preferences into account. If you're a vegetarian, obviously, you'll have unique needs and will want a diet that incorporates your dietary preferences. Similarly, if you frequently travel for business, a diet that requires specialized foods or preparation will probably not be something you can accommodate while away from home. You'll want a diet that you can stick to while still meeting the demands of your daily life. Not every diet is the right choice for you, pick one that works for you.

Avoid any diet that is overly restrictive –

Every successful diet is going to require you to restrict calories and the only way to do that is to start eliminating the junk food, sugar, fats and other high-calorie foods. This is to be expected. What you want to be careful of is any diet that requires you to eat only one or two foods, or that is overly restrictive. You can lose weight by following a well balanced diet. You want a diet that provides all of your essential vitamins and nutrients, you need to stay strong and healthy and you can't do that by living on grapefruit alone. The goal of your weight loss program should be to not only lose weight, but to develop healthy eating habits that you can use to stay slim once the excess fat is gone. Choose a diet that will allow you to develop these new lifestyle changes and you'll be setting yourself up for successful weight loss and more importantly, keeping the weight off.

Enjoy the foods you like -

Obviously, if you're going to lose weight, you'll need to limit the number of calories you consume. If your favorite food is ice cream, you will definitely need to restrict how much you eat. But, that doesn't mean you can never have ice cream again. There are some delicious low-fat varieties that you can indulge in on occasion. Just limit your serving size and frequency and account for the additional calories in your weight loss plan.

Let me show you what I mean. So, you want a little ice cream, that's fine, but plan for it. Make it a special treat to look forward to. Decide that tomorrow you're going to treat yourself; so, maybe today and tomorrow, you'll pay extra attention to your calorie intake, shaving off a few calories as you go. Then, go to the store and buy a single serving container of low-fat ice cream, stick to the single serving size … I know you can make justifications to get the larger container, but it's cheaper in the long run if you don't have it sitting in your freezer. Now, if you're really disciplined decide to add an extra workout before your "treat". Then go for it, no guilt, and no shame. Do your workout, take your shower, scoop your ice cream into a nice pretty bowl and sit down and ENJOY it. Don't just inhale it out of the carton … this is a treat, savor it and enjoy it. Then continue with your weight loss plan. Every diet should have room for you to enjoy your favorite foods; you just need to modify how you incorporate them into your new healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.