If you follow the steps below, you lower your golf score dramatically:

1. Get fitted with the right golf ball for your swing. Don't be lured into hitting the golf ball that the top 100 golfers in the world use. Go to your nearest golf shop and ask for a free golf ball fitting using your own clubs.

2. Find a set of three wedges --- a 48 degree pitching wedge, a 52 degree gap wedge, and 56 degree sand wedge. The 48 degree pitching wedge usually comes with your set of irons, but it might not be the best one for your swing.

3. Practice hitting your pitching wedge to a 110 yard target without over swinging. Make sure your carry distance is 110 yards.

4. Practice hitting your 52 degree sand wedge 100 yards and your 56 degree wedge 90 yards consistently. These are your scoring clubs and you must know their carry distance with a smooth swing.

5. Practice hitting your other clubs as shown below:

These are carry distances.

9-Iron - 115 -125 yards

8-Iron - 130 -140 yards

7-Iron - 145 -155 yards

6-Iron - 160 -170 yards

5-Hybrid - 175 - 185 yards

4-Hybrid - 190 - 200 yards

5-Wood - 210 - 220 yards

3-Wood - 225 - 230 yards

Driver - 235 - 245 yards

6. Practice on calm days to get a true measurement of your distances.

7. Find a putter that allows you to align your eyes directly over the ball.

8. Make sure that you can make a straight-back/straight-through putting stroke with your palms pointing down the target line. Focus intently on light grip pressure.

9. Next, add a Chipper to your bag. You will become a better chipper of the golf ball immediately. Let the Pros use a 3-wood to chip the ball.

10. Play the percentages on every shot. Let me explain. If you carry a hazard comfortably, lay-up well short of it. Always aim at the center of the green and forget about aiming at the pin.

Now, go out there and shoot the best round ever!!!

Things You Will Need

Golf ball fitted to your swing

A set of golf clubs

A Chipper


Tips & Warnings