Steve Jobs was perhaps one of the most greatest modern technology influences of this century. You make not prefer the OSX user interface but if you have used a computer mouse along with your keyboard then Jobs has already directly influenced how you interact with today's technology. Apple is not only one of the most valuable companies in the world but it is also perhaps one of the most admired corporations on the planet. But what happens when a company has to suddenly do without a unique visionary like Steve?

While there are criticism that Apple is more of a marketing firm compared to being a technology and electronics conglomerate, these comments are often issued because of envy or utter lack of understanding of the company’s strategy to sell its products. Steve Jobs the former CEO of the company has been quoted saying a number of times that Apple as a company is dedicated to improving the user experience by coming up with products that are of the highest value in terms of style, functionality and innovation.

Apple has been credited to be the company that made it possible for common people to own and use personal computers in the era when computers were housed in universities and military institutions. It is also the same company that revolutionized the way MP3 files were played. Their iPod product dominated the market when there were a hundreds of MP3 players competing in the market.

Apple is also the same company that brought iPhone and later the iPad to dominate their perspective electronic categories. iPhone went on to be the benchmark of smartphones in the world while iPad legitimized a certain segment of the market which was uncertain about the viability of tablet sales. The truth is Apple cannot be credited for inventing these products. MP3 players, smartphones and tablets were in existence prior to Apple’s introduction of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. However Steve Jobs and a few other key figures were responsible for making us realize we need one. "1000 Songs in Your Pocket", is a slogan you may recognize as one of the original marketing phrases used by Apple for the iPod. The enchanting accessibility of technology has pushed Apple to the top again and again. 

Apple as a company has its share of challenges as well. Known to many, the company was at the brink of bankruptcy before Steve Jobs made it again at the helm of the CEO post. It also has its share of products that were not as successful or as revolutionary as what they intended. Take for example the Macbook Air which was greeted with so much promise only to disappoint the laptop/net book market after it's release. There are a lot of debates that are discuss the future of the company now that the captain of the ship, Steve Jobs is gone. One side of the fence is saying that company will continue to flourish despite Steve Jobs' absence because he is not the only pivotal figure in the company. Meanwhile the other side of the argument would suggest  that he may not be the sole source of input but he is undeniably the greatest source of direction and inspiration the company has ever had.

Days after the icon passed away the stocks of the company continued to waver in value. The strongest sales ever of Apple's latest the iPhone 4S have padded the down turn slightly, but one cannot help but speculate about the broad direction of the company without Steve Jobs. Since the company enjoys a cult following it might not be in the near future that we would see a decrease in market share for Apple. Whether or not loyalty will help the company continue to thrive in the highly competitive realm of technology, electronics and gadgets remains to be seen.