Adam: Father of the World

Adam and Eve

Adam's Problem

Adam was the father of all the living on the Earth, he was created by God to take care of the Earth and to provide the world with others like him. However, he had several problems that would be his downfall. The first of these problems were that he did not have a wife, so God made him fall asleep and he took a rib from him and made a woman.

Adam, then would be told by God not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or he would die, yet his wife would be deceived by the Serpent and he would end up eating the fruit too. He and his wife would suddenly feel self conscious about the fact that they were naked and would hide from God. Later when God was walking through the Garden he had made for Adam and his woman to live in, he could not find the man or his wife. God called out to him and the man in his fear told the Lord why he was hiding out.

God was angry, he told the man that he would have to work really hard for the ground to give him food, for his wife now named Eve, he would give her pain during child-birth and that she would be under her husband, and to the serpent he would give the problem of being stuck on the ground and that he would eventually fight against the seed of the woman.

His next problem was that his son Cain would also kill his son Abel because of jealousy, which would send Cain into the world to create more children who would be as bad as he is as well as those that were good. Adam was a great Father who made a big mistake at being taken in by the woman who would give him the fruit that would bring in disobedience and death, however later he would raise his children to know God even if some of them do not follow him.


Noah and the Ark

Noah and His Ark

Noah was just a man, who would be one of the last men on Earth, he and his three sons and all of their wives would leave the world that they knew behind them and live on. These people would repopulate the Earth after they leave behind the world.

God comes to Noah and tells him to build an ark, that his sons, their wives and his wife would be living on as the flood waters destroyed all the other living things on Earth. He tells him that he will also bring into the ark every living thing, every bird and all the creatures of the ground. He and his sons, the wives and all the animals would be protected from the waters on the Earth.

Throughout the next 40 days there would be a ton of water that would flood the Earth, which would last for 150 days, then after that Noah would send out the raven and the dove to find that the Earth was ready for the people of the ark to enter the new life on the Earth.

Then God made a covenant with Noah and his sons and told them to be fruitful and multiply, and as a sign God sent a rainbow to the Earth.

Father Abraham


Abraham's Call

Abraham (then known as Abram) was called by God, and told to leave his home and go to a place that God would show him, so Abram got up and took his things and his family which includes his nephew Lot. God led them to Canaan, and God told Abraham that he would give his children this land.

Abraham went to Egypt because of a famine, he told his wife because she was so very beautiful that the men in Egypt may kill him to be with her, however the men saw her and reported her beauty to the Pharoah and Abraham was treated very well and given livestock. The Pharoah then was inflicted with very serious disease because he had taken her to be his wife.

Abraham at this time was a very wealthy and Lot was amost as wealthy as he was so they had to go their own way, so Lot went there own way near Sodom and Gomorrah. Again God came to Abram and told him that the land in front of him was his and his children's. Abraham would also go and rescue his nephew Lot from a group of Kings, after defeating these Kings, Abram would return and give a 10th of everything to Melchizedek .

God returns to tell Abraham his covenant and tells him that he shall have a huge family, some would be slaves but all would be his children. However, his wife had delivered no children, so she offered Abraham, Hagar, her maidservant who gave her a son named Ishmael. God returned and told Abram and his wife Sarai that he was changing their names and he would give them a child, Abraham laughs and tells God that a child to a hundred year old man was laughable, but God had other plans for them, so Abraham went home and circumcised every male in his house.

God came back and told Abraham again that Sarah would give him a son and Sarah laughed this time. But the Lord told her she would indeed have this child. God then goes to Abraham and promises to destroy Sodom and Gamorrah, however Abraham fights for the people of these places. God decides that if 10  people could be found that was worthy then no one would be killed, however no 10 people could be found but God did save Lot and his family, his wife however turned back and looked but she was turned into Salt. Lot's daughters thinking it was over for the rest of the world would give birth to his children through tricking their father.

Abraham would move from there into the area of Negrev, and for a while he stayed in Gerar which is where he again said that Sarah was his sister. Abimelech the King would take her to be his wife, but God came to him and told him that he was as good as dead for this situation, however Abimelech had not touched her yet and he gave Abraham sheep, cattle, and male and female slaves and sent him on the way.

God gave Abraham, his new son Isaac through his wife Sarah. This made Sarah happy but made her think that Ishmael would go after her sons inheritance, so she asked Abraham to get rid of Hagar and her son. God told Abraham that this was okay and that he would take care of his son Ishmael.

Abraham is then tested, he is told that he must kill his son and sacrifice him to God, the next day Abraham and his son Isaac would go to the sacrificial place God told him, however God would save the boy and he would bless the sons of Abraham. Shortly thereafter Sarah would die and then Abraham would continue to get old until he too would die.



Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham, who is now old sends out his chief servant whom he trusted to find a wife for Isaac from his own family. The servant goes out and while searching for a wife for Isaac, stopped at a well near Nahor. He asked God to send a woman that would be perfect for Isaac. Rebekah appeared and when asked to give him water, she offered the water to his camels as well. Rebekah and Isaac were married and he felt comfort. Then his father gave money and gifts to his brothers and his concubines and sent them on his way before he died.

Soon after Isaac's wife Rebekah would become pregnant, with her twins, these babies would grow up, Esau the oldest and Jacob the youngest. When they got older, Jacob would get his birthright for the price of a bowl of soup.

Isaac would go to Gerar and tell everyone that Rebekah was his sister as his father had before him, but the King Abimelech would see him caressing his wife and tell him that he knows that she is his wife. Because God was with Isaac, when he planted his crops, the crops would give him a hundredfold. So Abimelech asked if he and his family would leave the area, and Isaac would leave.




When Isaac was very old, he called for Esau to bring him something tasty to eat and he would give him his blessing, however Jacob would play a trick on Isaac and get the blessing. So Jacob would get his brothers blessing and his brother would get angry and threaten his life, so Rebekah would send Jacob off to marry a woman from her family until Esau cooled off.

Jacob would follow the directions of his mother and leave his fathers house in search of his new bride, once he had reached Bethel he has a dream about a staircase where the angels of God have gathered and he hears that God would be a part of life and the lives of his children. He proclaimed that if God will do this for him, he will make him his God and would follow him. 

Jacob then continued his journey, until he meets Rachel, the relative of Laban who was his mothers relation. Rachel was a beautiful woman and Jacob fell in love with her instantly, however to get her he would have to work for hand for seven years. At the end of this seven year period her father would trick him into taking the hand of Leah the older daughter, then he would work another seven years for the hand of Rachel.

Leah and Rachel would then have Jacob's children, Leah would give him Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah. Rachel would give him her maidservant Bilhah that she would get children through her, so Bilhah gave him Dan and Naphtali. Leah then would give her servant Zilpah, who would give him Gad and Asher. Then Leah would give him Isaachar and Zebulun, (in addition she would give him Dinah as well) and Rachel would give him Joseph his eleventh son.

Jacob would then make a deal with Laban, that he would take care of his livestock and he would get those who were colored, this worked for a while, until Laban sons would say that he was getting rich off of their fathers livestock, so Jacob decides it is time to leave this place. He gets his wives and all of his possessions and his livestock gained from years of working for Laban and moves away.

Laban went after Jacob, however he was told not to by God, however someone in Jacob's household had stolen his gods. So he went after them to find out why, but Rachel knowing that she had stolen the gods sat on the space and told her father that she could not rise to meet him because it was her menstruation which kept the father from checking the place where she had hid the gods. The next day Laban would return home to his own people while Jacob would continue to his home.

Jacob then prepares to meet with his brother Esau, he sent him a message, to see if they could make up. During the night before Jacob would get his name changed to Israel and he would wrestle with God that night. Then he would meet with Esau who would forgive him and would allow him to go back to Seir but Jacob would go Shechem.

While living in this area, Jacob's daughter Dinah would be raped by a man whose name was Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite. The man who had raped her offered to marry her. The brothers and the men of Jacob would make a deal to have all of the men circumsized and then he would be able to marry her. However once they had all been in pain, for  three days the brothers came and killed all the males in the town. Jacob told them that they had made them outlaws to the Canaanites and the Perizzites, so Jacob moves to Bethel.

God was happy with Jacob, told him that he would bless him and in his family. Racel his wife and Isaac his father had died during this time.




When Joseph was 17 years old, Joseph received a coat that is ornamented by his father which made his brothers jealous. Then he has a dream that said his brothers would serve him, and this made them hate him even more. His brothers decide to kill him, but instead the brothers sold him to Ishmaelites who were on their way to Gilead. They then covered Joseph's coat in blood of some animals and told their father that he had been killed.

Then Joseph was taken to Egypt, with Potiphar, the Captain of the Guard for the Pharoah, Joseph was made to be in charge of his household. He gave Joseph everything, with the exception of his wife. However, because Joseph was very attractive, she wanted him. When asked to be with her, he said no. On another occasion when his master went away, he went to get some work done at their home, she tried to get him to go to bed with her, he ran away but when this happened she got his cloak and then told others that he tried to sleep with her. The master Potiphar found out that Joseph had tried to sleep with his wife and decided to lock up Joseph in the prison of the Pharoah.

While in prison the Lord was with Joseph and made him a leader over the people who were there. When the cupbearer and the baker came to him for help with their dreams, he would answer them, positively for the cupbearer who would live, and whom he asked to remember him when he got out of prison within the next three days. The cupbearer got out and promptly forgot about Joseph for two years.

The Pharaoh of this area had a dream, and Joseph was able to figure out what it meant, this made him able to save the day for the Pharaoh and all the people of Egypt. Joseph was put in charge of all of Egypt and in charge of getting together all of the food during the years of prosperity and he would save Egypt and the places on Earth besides Egypt.

Then Jacob learned that there was food in Egypt, and sent 10 of his sons to purchase grain. As soon as Joseph saw his brothers he knew who they were however they did not know who he was. He accused them of being spies. Simeon would stay while they all went back home and got his other brother. When they returned he set up another test of the brothers by putting his own merchandise on the younger brother. Once they were brought back Joseph would show them who he was and ask that his father be brought to live with them in Egypt.

Jacob goes to Egypt, with the families and the sons of his sons, seventy men, not counting the wives went into Egypt with Jacob. Soon after Joseph would return to his fathers bedside as his father blessed each one of the brothers, then Jacob died and Joseph buried him. Joseph would remain in Egypt for the rest of his life and at age 110 years old, Joseph would also die.