The Fedora Hat

You wanna be a gangster? Wanna be smooth like Bogie and Frank? Well you're going to need a Fedora. A Fedora is and has been for many years the symbol of class, style, and sophistication when it comes to the world of hats. Whether worn back on the head, forward over the eyes, or cocked to one side, it always makes an impression.

Did you know it first came into being as a woman's hat? And men get mad when ladies steal their shirts and boxer shorts. We took one of the coolest things EVER from them. The Fedora gets its name from the 1882 play of the same name. The principle heroine Princess Fedora wore a similar hat throughout the play. The Fedora was principally a woman's hat in the early part of the twentieth century, but it was quickly co-opted by the men when the 1920's rolled around.

The Fedora was the hat of choice of actors, businessmen, and gangsters throughout the twenties and on into the sixties. It was ideal for shielding the eyes from the sun and wind of blustery city streets, and the fact that it could be crushed and rolled up when not in use only added to its appeal. Don't crush your modern fedora. The crease is most likely pre blocked and you might ruin it. It was replaced by its cousin the Trilby when fashion trended toward narrow lapels and ties.

The fedora is characterized by its comparatively wide brim and pinched crown. The brim is often bent down over the eyes, but some people choose to go with the upturned brim

Famous people who sport the fedora are:

Indiana Jones (he risked his life for that hat!)

Humphrey Bogart (here's looking at you kid)

Al Capone (the shadow of the brim is a great way to hide a scar)

Brad Pitt (rarely seen in public without this stylish accessory)

Colin Farrell

Hugh Jackman (even Aussies love this chapeau)

Johnny Depp (the man loves his hats!)

If you're going to buy ONE hat make it a Fedora. Of course, what man has just one hat? I would go with a gray, black, or brown with a black band. They are classic and stylish.

A good quality fedora doesn't come cheap. They can be anywhere between $45 and $200. Some great milliners who produce the Fedora are: Jaxon, Bailey, Golden Gate, and Borsalino