The Fender Day Of The Dead Guitar

Day Of The Dead

When it comes to acoustic guitars which are both rare and extremely cool for being different, then this master built guitar from Fender is surely high on the list of instruments fitting the description.  No, I've never seen one, or got to handle one.  It's out of my price range, but buddy, let me tell you this:  If I could afford toys like this one, I'd buy this one.

At five and a half thousand dollars new, this guitar is priced high because it is a custom master built instrument.  You're not going to find guitars done up visually like this thing often, if ever, and this instrument is "done up" right.  This fine acoustic dreadnought SCREAMS American South West.  If Willie Nelson wasn't in love with his guitar famously known as "trigger," then just damn, Willie would be stone cold awesome with this thing in his hands.

Dia de los Muertos translates as "day of the dead," and is a major holiday for Hispanics, and really, the rest of us too.  In the English speaking world, and especially in the USA, we celebrate Halloween and not Samhain.  Samhain, the ancient Celtic holiday is essentially the Dia de los Muertos.  Hispanics sometimes carry the celebration on over to the second day of November too.  

The day of the dead is another story, this guitar is it's American acoustic instrument celebration, and the instrument is a classic.  It's not just painted on one side.  This master built instrument is dedicated to the day of the dead on both sides.

Dia de los Muertos

Fender Master Built Acoustic Guitars

I can admit to being a somewhat lame guy.  I simply do not know who Joe Wood is, but this guitar was designed for him.  It is a Fender master built production instrument, and you can buy the thing online right now if you want to.  It is expensive, but it is beautiful.  Five and a half thousand dollars isn't truly a huge amount for an acoustic guitar, but it IS a huge amount for a mahogany body acoustic guitar.  Thing about this beautiful instrument is the very fancy day of the dead painting on the front and back, and the very nice binding, and pearloid inlay on the fingerboard.  This instrument also featured an Englemann spruce top or soundboard, and that is a pretty big upgrade from a sitka spruce top.

Of course the guitar is all solid wood.  Most Fender acoustic guitars are NOT solid wood instruments.  In fact, most Fender acoustic guitars are dirt cheap.  Most are beginner to intermediate player instruments.  This guitar is not that, not at all.  This guitar is a professional's instrument in every way imaginable, and besides that, it is way past obviously a terrific work of art in ways your eyes can tell you, and your ears surely will too.

Fender guitars are legendary.  The thing about Fender is, it is their electric guitars that are legendary, and instantly thought of when the name Fender is used in conjunction with the word guitar.  I've been reading of late many a thing about Fender and their new acoustic master built instruments.  Again, no, I've not played one of these, but very trustworthy sources applaud them. It seems the Fender corporation is getting interested in the acoustic market in a more serious way than they've been in years past.  As an aficionado, I can only applaud this.

While I'm not certain the tone and playability of this instrument would have me ranking it among the finest American mahogany body dreadnoughts, it could well be in that class, as its specifications seem to put it there.  As always, someone should only spend five and a half grand on a musical instrument after test driving several of them.  For only a tad more than five hundred dollars, a body could own a Blueridge BR-140, a terrific all solid wood mahogany body guitar sans the day of the dead theme, and the Englemann top.  Sitka spruce was never a lesser wood, but of course some sitka spruce tops are less wonderful than others, as are some Englemann tops, and some Adirondack tops.  The proof of the pudding is found in the eating, as we say.

Front And Back, The Fender Dia de los Muertos Acoustic Guitar

Front And Back


*This guitar, as previously stated, is all solid wood, select mahogany, and Englemann spruce top.

*It features forward shifted Martin pre-war style scalloped X bracing

*Soft V neck

*20 frets, 14 clear of the body

*Bone nut, saddle, and bridge pins for optimized tone, volume, clarity and sustain

*1.7' neck width at the nut

*Pearloid block inlay positioning markers

*Standard dual action truss rod

*Fishman matrix infinity pickup system for acoustic/electric play

*Rosewood bridge and fingerboard

*Gold plated Grover tuning machines

*Deluxe leather strap and hardshell case

This fine guitar is a work of art for a working artist.  If you're a serious musician with some fine taste, then this South Western themed instrument just might be the thing to set you apart.  Thanks for reading.