The Boy with the Bucket

The Finder Season 1 Finale titled "The Boy with the Bucket" opened with Walter meeting his brother Langston.  Langston informs Walter that their father Franklin is about to die and he wants Walter to find something.  Walter does not have a good relationship with either of his parents but agrees to meet his dad.  Walter and his dad argue but eventually Walter agrees to find his mother Elaine for his dad.

A painting that Walter recovered for a museum has been determined to be a fake and the Museum wants to hold Walter responsible.  This is the first episode where Walter has to chose between looking for two separate things.  His fathers request is more crucial since he only has days left before he dies.

The rest of the team hunt for the painting, while Walter begins his search for his mother.  Elaine is in witness protection because she testified against a cult she was a part of.  Walter and brother get arrested after they fall into a trap set by the U.S. Marshals for anyone looking for Elaine.  Walter manages to get out of any charges as long as he stops looking for his mother.

Of course Walter is convinced to continue looking for his mother.  He notices that a weather vein in an old photograph was his mothers prized possession.  It was custom made and had two boys on it.  One boy with a Kite and the other with a bucket.  He finds the artist who instructs him that a woman bought two copies of the weather vein and give them an address where his mom is located.

Walter finally accepts his mother and they begin to journey back to see Franklin.  One the way some of the cult members are following the family.  Walter crashes into them and confronts the three armed men.  Walter using his combat training to kill all three men. 

Elaine finally makes it to Franklin.  After a brief time together Elaine informs Walter that his father didn’t really care to see her, he wanted to say goodbye to Walter.  Walter puts away his anger and stays with his dad until he passes away.

The rest of the team is able to narrow down with Walters help that a man in a psychiatric ward believes he is the famous painter and was the one who painted the foraged art work. 

Willa is told she is going to marry Timo.  She rejects the idea and goes to her parole officer in an attempt to get arrested so that she cant be married.  Her parole officer suggest that she separate herself from the criminal family and will not lock her up.  Willa runs away because she cant face what is going to happen by not marrying Timo.

The last scene shows officers coming to arrest Walter.  He is fighting several officers trying to arrest him for continuing to pursue his mother and for killing three men.  I loved this episode.  It was nice to introduce new cast members even if they were temporary.  It was nice to see Walters real brother playing his brother on the show.