The Firm is one of the best exercise vidoes for women because it keeps you energized and motivated.  With these workouts, you look forward to popping in your DVD or VHS tape.

The Firm was established in 1979, and in the mid-1980s, commercials for their workouts began to appear on television.  They promised “visible results in 10 workouts” and they delivered.  Creators of The Firm workouts won industry awards for having the best exercise program that produced results.

Originally, The Firm workouts were an hour or more long.  With the ever changing busy world, The Firm has changed.  It’s exercise routines have been whittled down to anywhere between 20 minutes to 40 minutes, perfect for today’s busy women.  Their new slogan is “Real women. Real results. Guaranteed.”

The reason why The Firm is one of the best exercise videos for women is because it works.  The instructors incorporate “High Intensity Interval Training“, which is using cardio to get your heart rate up and using weights to sculpt at the same time.  You can lift weights to sculpt your body all you want, but if you do not burn sufficient calories by doing cardio, you will not see the muscle hidden under the fat.

The Firm exercise videos for women will not bulk you up, but instead give your arms, legs and abs a more defined look.  You do not need fancy or expensive exercise equipment.  A set of dumbbells will be needed-light, medium and heavy.  What constitutes what is light for a beginner is different for a more advanced exerciser. 

Another reason why The Firm is the best workout video series for women is because you can start as a beginner.  This series is an excellent way for novices to start moving without creating pain or causing injuries.  Unlike Jillian Michaels’ or Bob Harper exercise DVDs, which are excellent for those who are advanced and well conditioned, The Firm is the perfect first step for those who want to begin an exercise program.

In fact, one of the plusses to working out with this series is that there is always one instructor who is doing the modified beginner version of each move.  You can follow her directions until you are ready for the more advanced moves.  The Firm instructors always how you proper form before you do a move to prevent injuries.  It is one of the series’ strengths.

I have been working out regularly to The Firm exercise videos for about twelve years and they are a regular part of my exercise routine.  Here are my favorite workouts.

The Firm best exercise video Cardio PartyCredit: Party
40 minutes

Four different Firm instructors lead this fun exercise DVDs.  It is pure cardio, no weights involved, so this is a great exercise video for beginners to use.  The cardio is moderate and low impact. Each segment last from 5-8 minutes, and the moves are easy to pick up once you have done the workout a few times.  I use this top exercise video on my cardio days when I am giving my muscles a rest.  


Hard Core FusionThe Firm Best Exercise Video Hard Core FusionCredit:

55 minutes complete workout
35 minutes express workout

If you have the time, this is one of their best exercise videos.  Allie Del Rio Pointer leads this workout,  which consists of five sculpting segments and four cardio segments that are alternated.  For the days that you re short on time, there is an “Express Workout” option on the DVD.

You will need light and medium weights for this workout.  There is a good mix of upper body and lower body exercises, as well as an abs section.  A great overall workout for your entire body.

The Firm Cardio Overdrive is one of the best workout videosCredit: Overdrive

45 minute complete workout
25 minute express workout

Allison Davis takes the lead in this body sculpting, calorie burning workout.  There is a tutorial. To show you some of the more complicated moves, in case you do not want to learn as you go along. Sculpting segments are alternated with cardio segments, so you will need light weights.  It is more “dancey” than other Firm videos, so you may need a few times working through it to get the moves down pat.

The Firm Calorie Killer is one of the best exercise videosCredit: Killer
46 minutes

Calorie Killer, featuring Nancy Ticker, is from The Firm’s Fast and Firm series that was released in 2004.  It incorporates cardio, weights and step.  But have no fear if you do not have a stepper!  Because of a bad left knee, I am no longer able to do step aerobics, no matter how low the step is. 

I simply copy the exercise steps on the floor to make the moves easier on my knee.  It works!  I still get a great, heart pumping workout.  A sculpting stick is also used, but I do not have one.  I just use light weights.

The Firm Get Chisel'd is oe of the best sculpting exercise videosCredit: Chisel’d

40 minutes
15 minute bonus calorie burn workout

Get Chisel’d is led by Rebekah Sturkie, and it is 40 minutes of hard core body scultping.  There are some cardio sections to get your heart rate in the zone for mega calorie burning, and this is my Firm go-to DVD on my sculpting days.  This workout is good for those who are not novices, as it is more challenging than some of the other exercise videos in The Firm series.

The Firm Total Body Toner is one of the best workout DVDsCredit:



Total Body Toner
40 minutes

Ali Del Rio Pointer leads another one of my favorite Firm exercise videos for women.  In this 40 minute workout, you are going to hit every part of your body, including a ten minute abdominal section at the end.  You will need light, medium and heavy weights.  Every part of your body will thank you after this workout!


The Firm Cardio Bootcamp is one of the exercise DVDsCredit:


Bootcamp-Maximum Calorie Burn
52 minutes

When you hear the word “boot camp” you imagine all sorts of tough exercises that will get the job done.  In this top exercise video from The Firm, Alison Davis is the master instructor leading you through her boot camp.  There are cardio, plyometric and sculpting sections to keep you moving and working up a sweat.  Your body will thank you when you are finished!

The Firm has some of the best exercise videos for women, no matter what level of fitness you are.  For beginners, there are modifications, and for advanced exercisers, there are challenges.  As a forty-something mother of three, I can tell you that this is one of the best workout series for women of any age.  There is no need to pay big bucks for a personal trainer. Just try one and you will be a “Firm Believer” like I am.

The Firm: Get Chisel'd
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The Firm: Hard Core Fusion
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