Over the years, The Firm workouts on video and DVD have been getting shorter and shorter.  In their original exercise program, you had to devote an entire hour to getting fit.  In the late 1990’s, workouts got shortened to forty-five minutes, and then in the 2000’s they decreased to thirty minutes as life became busier and busier and people had less time for exercise.  With the latest Firm exercise program, you can now get fit in only twenty minutes a day, working out only three times a week! 
How is that possible?
The Firm claims that its sequenced workouts will give you maximum results in a minimal amount of time.  Each workout contains several “mini-bursts”, which are eight seconds of intensive cardio, followed by a twelve second recovery.  You repeat each burst four times.  It is like getting a forty minute workout in only twenty minutes.
The workouts are divided into four groups.  Each group of three has a starts with a Sculpting workout, a Cardio workout, and then a combined Cardio and Sculpting workout.
The Firm Express Workouts

When you buy The Firm Express workout, you will receive a total of thirteen exercise DVDs.  The first cycle is called “Ignite” and it gets your metabolism going. Three to eight pound weights are recommended for this cycle.
The second cycle is called “Accelerate” and it starts taking your body to the next level. Eight to twelve pound weights are recommended. Cycle three is “Turbocharge” and the name says it all!  Five to ten pound weights are needed for this segment.  The fourth cycle is “Overdrive” and five to fifteen pound weights are to be suggested.
In addition to these twelve Firm DVDs, you will also receive two bonus workouts.  Pump it Up! is ten more minutes of body sculpting for when you are craving more than twenty minutes of exercise.  Shortcut to Flat Abs is a ten minute workout to get the tight tummy you desire.
Does the Firm Express Work?
I am an avid exerciser and have been for almost thirty years.  I get up at 5:15 every morning just to ensure I get my forty-five minute to one hour workout in.  Some days, I am tired and oversleep, but still want to exercise.  My husband bought The Firm Express as a gift for me because it looked like it would be a great addition to my exercise DVD collection.
From the start, this was a challenging workout, even with one of the three instructors doing a modified version of the steps. The warm up is quick and if I could not get the steps, I substituted my own to keep up the pace.  My heart started pounding and I was sweating within a few minutes.  And guess what? So were all of the instructors?  Unlike some other fitness gurus who instruct and yell and have their assistants do the work, The Firm instructors are hands on.  They were sweaty and breathless throughout the program!
The mini-bursts were brutal-but in a good way!  Some of these can be hard on the knees, so you need good shoes and an appropriate exercise surface.  You can adapt them to make them work for you.  The twelve second recovery is very much needed!
While I did not buy this product to lose weight, I did find it to be a very challenging twenty minutes.  For people who have never exercised before, I can definitely see how this can whip you into shape.  Any movement is better than sitting on the couch channel surfing!  As an advanced exerciser, I was challenged.  On the days when I wanted a longer workout, I would put in a different exercise DVD that I owned to get my exercise quota of the day.
In addition to the thirteen Firm DVDs, you also receive a fitness guide with a workout calendar and diet plan.  There are healthy recipes that are easy to make.  You also get a 30 day free trail membership to The Firm VIP Club.
Does The Firm Express Get Thin in 30 Days work?  In my opinion, it does, if you stick with it!