The Firm, owned by Gaiam is the best line of exercise videos on the market. They have a host of videos to shape every part of your body. These videos are fun to do and they guarantee visible results within ten workouts. Their videos combine strength training with short burts of aerobics.

Fun Factor
I've seen and done a lot of exercise videos that will start out with a routine and keep adding and repeating the theme for the whole workout. I find this very boring.  The firm keeps alternating weights with aerobics so I maintain interest in the workout. The instructors have cute color coordinated outfits and the set is well lit.  This makes the workout visually appealing. The instructors queue the moves very well so it is easy to follow along.

Visible Results in 10 Workouts
The Firm guarantees visible results within 10 workouts.  I am a witness that this guarantee is good.I've seen results in the form of improved muscle tone within 5 workouts. In order to get these results I was working out daily with one day a week off.  I would complete the whole video even if I had to march in place during some segments where I needed to recooperate.  And the great thing about these results is that I didn't diet!


Combination of Weights and Aerobics

My favorite thing about these workouts is the fact that they alternate aerobics with weight training. Using these workouts is killing two birds with one stone.  You don't have to worry about doing a cardio workout like walking on the treadmill and doing a separate workout to do toning.  The Firm says that combining these is the fastest way to lose weight.  And I don't know about you but I do not have the time or energy for two workouts - one for aerobics and one for toning - daily.

I know I sound like an infomercial but I am a regular mom who works a 9 to 5 job. Here is a list of my favorite Firm workouts:

-Burn and Shape led by Emily Welsh

-Maximum Body Shaping led by Tracy Long

-Total Body Shaping Mix 

-Calorie Killer 2

The Firm exercise videos have a fun combination  of aerobics and weight training.   The instructors have good personalities  and  make the workouts easy to follow along.  And I cannot argue against their visible results in 10 workouts guarantee because I've witnessed it for myself. Join the Firm bandwagon and you will be fit in no time!